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Resist To Raise Village Education

Education is very important part of our society which is declining day by day specially in backward areas like villages and other poverty holding countries. Education has always been given priority in what ever sector it Is as it can be private or govt. education in India has always given very importance those who belong to good families are the one that educated till its last where as on the other hand people who are under poverty or are not developed study less and provide less education to there children as well. Education is the key to the door of success but if you lost the key then you can never get success.

Education of rural countries in comparison to village is very high as there are not much facilities of education in village. There are very few families which are engaged into the educational sectors and only boys are being educated in many parts of the villages. Out of 10 females only 2 females are educated in the villages rest are meant for house hold works. Education is very poor in these backward areas and those who are educated are not provided with the facilities that they should get.

The lack of opportunity ruined there career and rest is ruined by lack of education and knowledge. Education is very important and it should be given to every one not only children but to the families in the village as there is a right to get educated. People should be provided with educational schools in every part of the village and they should be taught about the good and advanced affects of getting educated. Education can help them in financial ways as if they get educated then they can have many good job opportunities by which they can earn quality of income which can help them to run their family.

Not only education for boys and males matter but education of a girl child is important too. A single educated girl can educate the whole village as it is said a famous writer so stop thinking and applying the rule of girl should be educated. Start the education from today as it is never too late and make the best of it. There are many educational programs that can be conducted by the govt. for those who are willing to get educated and now days these educational programs are educating in many villages too.

People who are coming to attend these classes are given free Education and books so that they can study and earn for their livelihood. Farmers main income is farming but this agricultural task needs knowledge about farming until you have full knowledge about it you can not harvest the crop well. As instance we would like to say that not only for job but for day to day deals you need knowledge and this knowledge can only be provided by the means of education. Education can change the mind of thousands and can make you the most successful among all.