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Schooling and Computer Education Under One Roof

A computer is an electronic device which consists of software and hardware. One can use computer for playing games, studying and many more purposes. In today's life computers become an important part. One can’t imagine their life without computers and also computers made a lot of complex tasks so easy that one needs it for everything. Computers have various applications where it can be used like computers can be used in business, in schools, for making projects, for weather analysis and many more.

During earlier time computer was  not a necessity but Computers now a day's become an integral part rather than fundamental one. Computers can be used in schools for various purposes. Computers can help small kids to play games and learn new things. Computers provide access to information and also encourage the students to explore and create. Computers can be used in schools for various purposes like it can be used for administrative purpose or can be used as medium of instruction and it can also be used as object of instruction for learning about computers. Computers can be used in the administrative department of school. There computer can keep records of the students, account  for money. It can also be helpful in admission procedures, storing of officials. Computers can also be used for the storing of registration fees, grades of students, attendance, scholarship and for keeping the record of the test of students. Computers are also useful in educational planning. Computers are useful during the registration time the schools, it can be used as the administrative during the test. A computer is also helpful in maintaining the records of the employees and teachers like maintaining of their pay scale and many more. Now a day's computers are really helpful in libraries also. In libraries computers are helpful in keeping the record of the books and also helps in maintaining the records of students. Now the schools often uses the digital libraries.

A class of computer programming or in the hardware should be there in the higher schools so that students can learn new things about computers. Computers can also be used by the teachers  of the school to maintain the records of their students. Computers with day to day life becoming so important that one needs it in every field.  Schools can provide the students with the notebook computers rather can the books so that students can check out everything on the computers and also the assignments should be made on the computers so that students may learn about the word processing software available and use them for making assignments. Today with the availability of internet one can use computers for having higher education through the internet. Online education is done with the use of computers and internet so that one can attend their class from any place like home. It is usually helpful for the students who are not able to get to school due to any problem like may be due to some physical disability or any other problem.