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The Most Popular Job-Oriented Courses after (10+2) Standard

Selecting a career is certainly a vital and momentous decision in everyone’s life. Therefore, this career selection must be made utmost carefully, in order to remain fully satisfied in life regarding career, and achieving the desired success, wealth, and renown in life. To guide students provided in this blog are some sumptuous and very fertile pieces of information about the most popular courses after 12th with science, arts, or commerce, especially in India. However, the bulk of students generally choose subjects in the 10+2 standard as per their respective career choice in future. The selection of a course is basically dependent on the fact or ambition that whether the selected course should be a job-oriented course or an academic course for any desired elevated career in future. Here, only the most popular job-oriented courses after 12th are described, to help students who like to find a job promptly just after completing the nearest course of higher education. For guidance regarding what to do after 12th, or how to decide a certain career, the following points are noteworthy. In general, the most significant factors to be considered while selecting a career/course are great penchant for and necessary knowledge and skills in the field/career; financial potential to pay expenses of the course; personality; scope of job and growth opportunities in the chosen field; availability of necessary guidance and resources; and lasting interest and ability to cope with the possible challenges and competition in the field/career. Today, the following courses are the most popular employment-oriented courses after 12th in entire India, and also in many countries abroad: ---

  • Engineering (Science): To build career in any of numerous engineering streams, the most significant national-level engineering entrance examinations in India are IIT-JEE and the AIEEE, which are conducted every year. State level entrance examinations are also conducted to facilitate admission of right candidates to the undergraduate courses of their respective engineering colleges.
  • Medical and Paramedical (Science): The undergraduate courses of MBBS and BDS are the most popular courses in the medical sector. For pursuing this course entrance examinations are conducted every year by the national and State bodies in their respective medical colleges. The most prestigious medical entrance exam at national level is the AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test). Apart from this course, paramedical courses are also hugely popular, to be able to support doctors and surgeons in offering medical treatments to patients in various medical disciplines.
  • Agriculture & Horticulture (Science): The sector of agriculture is rich enough to include fields like horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, dairying, etc., in addition to the production of food grains, vegetables, and fruits. Hence, agriculture provides employment opportunities in the spheres of professional guidance, teaching, and research, in the governmental and private organizations and institutes.
  • Information Technology (Science): Booming and dynamic sector of information technology also requires subordinate and supporting professionals besides the IT technocrats. A diploma or bachelor’s degree [B. Sc (IT)] will equip their careers as systems analyst, business analyst, e-commerce professionals, programmers, network administrators, IT consultant, and so on, in the IT and software industry.
  • Law: Students desirous of building rich and progressive careers in the legal sector, commonly opt for pursuing the integrated law course of BA LLB, after 12th standard, which is generally a five-year course. The CLAT law entrance examination is conducted every year at national level for admissions to the undergraduate law courses of the top governmental law universities of India.
  • Web/Graphic Design: In this age of websites and online business promotion, graphic designers are imperatively needed to design the websites, web graphics, and other promotional images for benefit of companies, firms, and organizations active in various economic fields.
  • Hotel Management & Catering: Vast and varied hospitality sector offers extensive job opportunities every year in hotels, restaurants, motels, resorts, contract catering, banqueting and leisure industries, and in many other associated avenues. The employment areas can be culinary arts, nutrition, catering technology, food and beverage (F&B) service, other core operational areas, operations management, human resource management, marketing management, customer service, etc.
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  • Forensic Science (Science): This field/subject is concerned with study of criminal behavior and solving criminal cases through application of medical and other scientific principles and technologies. Specializations are also available in Criminology and Criminal Behavior, Computer Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Ballistics and Finger Prints, etc.
  • Fashion Design: Fashion Designing is mainly concerned with incorporating impressive changes in the items of clothing or other things used by men, women, and teenagers, as per the modern and contemporary fashion trends. A diploma or bachelor’s degree in this subject will enable students for working as fashion designers, costume designers, fashion coordinators/illustrators, fashion journalists, product development managers, fashion trend and forecast analysts, etc., in the garment and fashion industries.
  • Journalism & Mass Communication: This field is suitable to those students who want to build careers as journalists, news reporters, copywriters, editors, publishers, TV and film directors, screenplay writers, filmmakers, TV presenters, etc.
  • Animation & Multimedia: Animation is breathing life to any fictitious characters or objects. A diploma or degree in this field facilitates progressive and well-paying jobs in the fields of entertainment media, advertising, gaming industry, print media, business and e-commerce, web promotion, sales, academics, etc., initially as junior or assistant animators.
  • Interior Designing: Interior Designing is all about making the interiors of a building more aesthetic or comfortable, functional, luxurious, or impressive in certain aspects. Interior designers are needed for such designing and decoration in the residential, commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality buildings and structures.
  • Defense: You can preferably join any of the three wings of the national security, namely, Army, Navy, and Air Force. In this connection, the most significant entrance examination is the Combined Defense Services (CDS) Exam conducted every year.
  • Business Management: Management is perfect and efficient regulation and maintenance of the overall functioning and administration of an organization. After 12th, students can opt for courses like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies), BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies), etc. They may desire for obtaining an MBA later on.
  • Beauty and Spa: This fast progressing and very lucrative field opens doors to employments in beauty parlors, spas, beauty resorts, beauty clinics, etc., as beautician, massage therapist, manager/assistant manager, spa designer, menu planner, beauty and wellness consultants, spa marketing manager, etc.
  • Biotechnology (Science): Biotechnology is concerned with studies about the biological systems and processes and living organisms, together with the modern technologies, in order to make the existing products/processes/technologists in the following fields better, for the ultimate purpose of improving the standard of living and sustainability of environment. The ever-increasing number of fields which invite applications of biotechnology covers agriculture, nutrition and healthcare, bio-processing industries, food and beverages industry, biological products, medicines, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, animal husbandry, environmental conservation, energy, textiles industry, genetic engineering, cosmetics, industrial research and development, and scientific research.
  • Microbiology (Science): The subject/field of Microbiology deals with studies about and creative applications of various microscopic organisms (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and so on) in the fields of medicine, foods and beverages, environmental protection, agriculture, etc. Hence, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in microbiology can easily provide employment opportunities in hospitals, clinical laboratories, food and beverage industries, research laboratories and institutes, environmental organizations, etc, as microbiologists, biological technicians, environmental scientists, and research assistants.
  • Aviation & Hospitality Management: The constantly growing industry of aviation necessarily needs supporting hospitality workforce in the areas of flight operations, airport terminal management, air-traffic controlling, management of cabin crew, etc., both in the governmental and private sectors.
  • Fine Arts: This field deals with comprehensive study of diverse artistic and visual forms of the art. Specializations can be obtained in paintings, sculpture, ceramics, applied art, etc. Both diploma and degree courses (BFA and MFA) are available in this fields for building bright and well-paying careers.
  • Travel and Tourism Media: This one of the fastest growing industries in India and abroad offers extensive and varied employment opportunities to the diploma and degree holders in this field, in hotels and restaurants, tourism agencies, tour operators, event management companies, travel agents, airline industry, amusement parks, other entertainment avenues, cultural centers, etc.