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Top Five Great Qualities of Toppers in All Educational Streams

The great qualities of toppers expounded in this benevolent blog, are immensely useful also to school and college students in general, engaged professionals in various occupational fields, all ambitious people of the society, and all parents at large. Here, the term “Toppers” signifies toppers in competitive examinations in all professional and business streams, top-rankers in schools and universities, and leaders and pioneers in various fields of profession, research and development, industrial sector, and business.

It is often seen, and the history also witnessed, that a large fraction of the toppers in all educational and professional streams belonged to the ordinary and deprived sections of the society. But, by dint of their certain qualities and abilities, they later on became toppers. This blog answers to questions like “how to become a topper?”, and the most common and significant question of “what qualities make toppers different?”, to enlighten and help the general people of the world over, especially the categories of people mentioned above.

Broadly, among the most common, highly noticed and admired, and the pivotal qualities of the toppers of the world over, the following five qualities or specialties have been most conspicuous:

  • Deep and Lasting Interest in One’s Subject/Field: This is one of the fundamental qualities needed for success in all occupational fields. This great quality helps toppers in remaining clung constantly to their respective subject/field, in toiling hard tirelessly, in withstanding and overcoming tough and intense competition, and in doing innovative research in the cherished subject/field.
  • Creativity, Innovation, and High Ambition: Creating something different and unique, earning commensurate recognition, and rising to high levels eventually, is the main and most significant motive force, for success and culmination to the zenith in any occupational field.
  • Impeccable Utilization of Available Resources: To be toppers and leaders, people must learn to carry things out smoothly amidst scant and insufficient resources. These resources cover time, money, books, tuition, disciplinary knowledge, suitable facilities, up-to-date information, relevant contacts, expert guidance, support from kith and kin, etc. Thus, resources management is one of the pre-requisite qualities creating toppers in all fields.
  • Being Abreast with the Latest Developments in the concerned Field: This is helpful and enlightening in many ways, essentially including being well-acquainted with the latest information connected with the subject or field, broadening one’s horizons, and opening doors to new higher levels of creativity and research in the interested subject/field.
  • Remaining Confident, Honest, and Receptive: Remaining honest in one’s perception and behavior, and discerningly receptive helps in gathering new, bright, and revolutionary pieces of relevant information regularly throughout the course of studies, career, and life. When combined with legitimate confidence and ambition, these qualities will help people in attaining high positions and also in creating miracles in the concerned subject or field.