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Best To Wear Under Graduation Gown

Graduation is a festive occasion ceremony steeped in tradition. The cap and the graduation gown serve as a symbol of the tradition surrounding commencement. Graduation is a dignified occasion. From the dress, you wear to the personality and way you carry yourself throughout the ceremony each and every point has its own importance and significance. If you are comfortable inside and dressed up well accordingly, you will be more comfortable and confident from outside as well. Here are a few guidelines to help you how to dress for graduation and what to wear under your graduation gown for the big day so that the dignity and comfort level is evenly balanced:

  • At first, it is important to consider the weather because in case the weather is hot, you might feel really uncomfortable wearing a gown as well as overdo clothes under your gown. So, before you prepare what to wear under your graduation gown, make sure to keep a check on the weather report because it may drastically change what you plan on wearing.
  • See if your school has decided on a dress code. Choosing the right fabric is very important no matter, if there is a dress code or not because at the end you will have to wear a graduation gown on your casual dress. Weather plays an important role. In case if its winters or rainy, choose a lightweight wool or a wool blend dress under your graduation gown.
  • Avoid under dressing but make sure to keep it versatile. For men, a suit or a blazer with nice chinos works well under a gown. In case if the weather is hot, a nice dress shirt and lightweight wool pant is an ideal option you can consider. During winters, a sweater over a dress shirt will keep you warm enough.
  • For women’s, there is a wide range of choices available, pants are certainly fine and skirts as well as dresses also go well under a graduation gown on the ceremony day. Make sure that your gown length should be longer than your dress or skirt length. This will help add a style sense to your wear and your pictures will look better, making you look dressed well.