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Hair Gels Secrets For Grant Shine

Hair gels are most common types of hair creams which are used by both men and woman to keep their hairs well set and look fresh. Hair gels are of two categories that is natural hair gel as well as artificial hair gels which make your hair unhealthy. Hair gels grooms you and make you look amazing in any type of style that you carry. For different types of hairs there are different types of gels such as for strong hairs there are gels that have strong base, for colored hairs there are different color gels and so on. There are five facts that you should know about the hair gels as you should take care of what you are using.

  • The chemical balance: Hair gels that you use are generally made up of chemical base which can affect you hair as well as your scalp. Use the hair gels which are natural as the amount of PVP included in it is the basic reason for your hairs straightening or settling. Chemical in any form is harmful for hairs and it cause breakages so it’s better to avoid gel all the time.
  • The efficiency of gel that you use: The hair gels that you use should be compatible with all types of hairs that are curly, lined, straight and wavy. It should hold your hairs well and the amount you use it depend upon the longer you need it. Gel on soft hairs and light hairs can make them hard and dull as the soft hairs are bit delicate in nature.
  • The alcoholic base: The hair gels that have high amount of concentrated alcohol is not right for hairs and they more over damage your hairs and make them worse. Gels which are available in market on fewer prices can be harmful and distress for your hair so, choose wisely. Alcoholic based gels gives your hairs artificial shine which can lead into hair dullness and hair fall.
  • How much you use it: The amount of gel you use matters a lot as if you use gel in high amount it can damage your scalp and hairs. Use gel in little amount so that your hairs won’t look dry at all. Pores can get block if gel is used in high amount. Using gel after bath is better than using it on dry hairs.
  • Natural gel: Hair gel that include natural products like jojoba, amla, Vera, cucumber, henna and rose water are marked and recommended by hair experts as the natural ingredients in it help your hairs to grow stronger without any splits. Natural product helps your hairs in growing healthy and heavy.

These are few important facts that you should know about gels. Using gels is sometime unhealthy for hairs as it do not suit all hair types so for those who cannot resist gels can use good hair oils which can make their hairs look shiner and stronger with the type of style you want for them.