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How to Make Your Hair As Per Skin Tone

Choosing the right hair color for your complexion has never been easy. If you have finally decided to color your hair after seeing how good your friends look in a complementing hair color, go for it and rush to a nearest store to buy the right color for your hair, giving yourself a heads turn makeover at home. But wait! Before you begin shopping and contemplating a new hair color, make sure to consider a color that will enhance your complexion without washing away your skin tone. The right hair color can not only add brightness to your skin complexion but will also enhance your facial features, especially Eyes.

Determining your skin tone before choosing a hair color will help you a lot in selecting the right hair color. Here are few tips to help you out select the perfect hair color:

  • Hold a piece of gold jewelry and silver jewelry against your skin tone and determine which stands out more and appears the brightest against your skin to find out if you are cool or warm skin toned.
  • If the gold jewelry stood out more than the silver, you are considered warm and the hair colors that will best suit your skin tone are bases of red, red-orange orange, yellow, gold, honey, caramel, chocolate, ginger, dark browns, rust, mahogany and strawberry blonde.
  • If silver jewelry looked the best against your skin tone, then cool hair tones will best suit you like platinum, ash-blonde, cream, coffee, jet black, fawn, Mid-level-blondes, Flat browns, sandy, wine, mahogany, burgundy, neutral, violet and bases of blue.
  • As far as selecting hair color is concerned, expert's advice to avoid too much ash in hair color to avoid appearing pale and washed out for warm tones. Colors like honey blondes, ginger, warm chocolate, dark brows, orange based red with a hint of rust or cinnamon look beautiful and appealing.
  • Cool skin tones should avoid color with too much added yellow as the skin will begin to blend with the hair.
  • People who are already blessed with naturally light blonde hair color should not change to a dark color as it could look really destructing. Expert’s advice such people to stay within a few light or dark shades of your natural hair color as this will add shine, brightness and elegance to their beauty.