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Mother Looks and Life Style For Children

During pregnancy a woman has to take good nutrition for two individuals, and she become any healthy and beautiful during pregnancy. So she has to eat nutritional food in which she looks more glory. If the daily supplies of food are sufficient, the bones, hair, teeth, skin eyes. You can take benefits by using these tips during pregnancy as given below:

Vitamins and Minerals

Here are some examples vitamins and minerals which are necessities during pregnancy like:

  • Iron in pregnancy women’s needs to take iron with huge amount. Well reservoir of iron minerals are leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, strawberries, muesli. These all helps to stop anemic cause because anemic person never gain more glow skin.
  • Vitamin and Minerals pregnant women has to take daily meal like 2-3 cup of milk; more fruits; take two or more vegetables in a day, drink a glass of milk, take two calcium and multivitamin tablet, twice in a week take meat or fish, and also add two eggs in a whole day meal; this meal helps you for skin glow.

Care of feet’s body

  • Sitting position it also depend that how you sit to act your work with your feet propped up. It is better to move your feet around than to stand still. If you want to organize this condition, before you get up from your bed wear plastic stocking.

Care of Skin & Hair

  • Proper precaution of the skin and hair take a daily bath with a meek fragrant soap is a must and clean your skin both morning and night with milk cream with addition of little bit of lime juice and turmeric powder. To get soothe and feed skin use almond oil and essence of rose water, and mix with a teaspoon of curd rub into your skin and remove with cotton wool.

Natural body alters

  • Vision alters: The physical alters you will under go during your pregnancy. Your eyes will changes as well like your eyes become dry, and more. This problem can disturb your vision at your face. An advice to decrease eyes problem use decrease contact lenses wear persist and keep comfortable glasses handy.
  • Sun Abstain : During pregnancy you may notice that your skin changes and becomes more sensitive, this a fallout of the hormonal changes for your body is going through, so it is important to take precautions like:
  • Cover up: You should wear a broad brim hat or scarf to protect your face & shoulders and wear sunglasses with protective lenses are also a good idea.
  • Shade: During pregnancy not spend too long sitting and lying in direct of sunlight, only use umbrella and stay in under the roof of shade.
  • Hydration : This problem occurred when you are in a hot environment for a long time, preferably you can drink lots of fluid like water, juice, coconut water, lemon juice, eat watermelons, kiwi etc. This is used to keep you cool and reduce swelling and water retention problem.