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Simple & Elegant Tips to Enhance and Maintain Your Facial Beauty

Sensitive and delicate skin of the face necessarily requires proper care regularly to remain healthy and lustrous, because of constantly being affected by factors like environmental pollution, work stresses, untimely or deficient meals, changing weathers/climates, aging, absence of proper hygiene and care, poor or unhealthy dietary habits, etc. Provided below, are some very beneficial and sumptuous pieces of information about how to enhance facial beauty by teenagers and aged persons, along with maintaining the desired beauty of face, all along the year.

  • Care for Cleanliness and Hygiene: Wash your face gently with water or any cleansing preparation (suitable to your skin type) at least two times a day (in the morning and before going to bed), in order to make your face free of dust, dirt, and dead as well as dry cells. Application of any light moisturizer or face cream (as per weather conditions) is to be made after this vital cleansing work.
  • Take Regularly Highly Nutritious Food Items and Snacks: The most significant vitamins necessary for healthy and unblemished skin of the face are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Along with these a variety of minerals are also needed, together with the macro-nutrients. These all nutrients for skin are easily obtainable from regular consumption of highly nutritious foods items and snacks. The most important food items for this purpose are vegetables (including green leafy ones) and fruits, low-fat milk and other dairy products, cereals and legumes, seeds and nuts, dry fruits, lean meat and poultry, eggs and fish, citric juices, etc. Drinking plenty of water is advisable for clean stomach and flushing out all harmful toxins from skin.
  • Protect Your Skin Through Changing Weathers: Keeping the skin of your face adequately moisturized, and safe from the harmful effects of different weathers, are pivotal for proper skin care for face by teenagers as well as aged persons. Lack of hydration creates wrinkles, dullness, and signs of aging. Choose moisturizers and other cosmetic products that suit your specific type of skin, it may be oily, dry, combination of these two, or normal. Your cream (selected as per the weather conditions) should not clog the pores of your skin, in order to allow your skin to breathe freely. Preferable things are light creams, BB creams, mineral makeup, mineral powders, and so on. Face massage and exercises are also helpful for regulating circulation of blood through face.
  • Take Enough Deep Sleep: Enough and sound sleep, enjoyed especially in the night time, serves like key tonic to health and beauty of your face and body. So, do sleep for 7-8 hours in the stillness of the night. Light Exercising is also advisable for flexibility of the body, and dispelling harmful toxins from the skin.
  • Be Compassionate and Positive in Attitude: Another essential measure for maintaining beauty of face is becoming kind, mild, considerate, and optimistic in thoughts and attitude.