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Balm Your Winter With Chilly Spices

Spices have been treasured for their flavor and health benefits since past ancient times all over the world. According to the researches, certain spices have powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the body. It is important because inflammation has a major contribution to obesity, heart diseases and other health problems.

Spices are usually categorized under two varieties, there are some spices well known and beneficial to be added in the food in summers whereas certain spices are well known and considered highly beneficial for winters. The warming effects of the winter spices add a healthy and warm effect to your meals. Here are a few superstar spices to warm up your winters gracefully :

  • Cinnamon, cardamom and cloves - Cinnamons have a gentle warming effect that blends nicely with almost any food or beverage. Powdered cinnamon can be now be availed from the supermarkets at reasonable prices and the powdered form has been designed yearly back for the ease and convenience of the customers. On the other hand, cardamom and cloves too are known for their gentle warming effects. They add a nice texture and flavor to the entire dish and are a must add in recipes in winters to keep your family healthy and free from chilled winter breeze.
  • Ginger - Ginger is an ingredient usually found in every Indian's home. People in India are very concerned about their health and spices that add a nice flavor to the dish, adding a healthy effect to the same dish. Ginger has anti-inflammatory capacities which helps fight throat and chest infections. Doctors and health experts, especially recommend ginger to intake ginger as an ingredient in certain dishes during winter.
  • Turmeric - This spice is considered as the guru of national antibiotics. In India, it is commonly used in every recipe depending upon the quantity and requirement of an individual’s taste. Thankfully, Indian recipes mostly include turmeric as an important ingredient but in other parts of the world, turmeric is not considered as important as in India. Therefore, it is advised to bring home turmeric this winter season and keep you away from cold and other winter problems. Turmeric can be used in milk or in certain cooked vegetables. Simply chop and drop a few pieces into milk and drink to keep cough or other internal or external injuries at bay.
  • Red clover - This spice helps soothe frayed nerves and helps in improving the functioning of respiratory system. Apart from its benefits in helping to soothe frayed nerves, it also helps in dealing with cold and flu symptoms.
  • Comfrey - Comfrey is an important ingredient that can help keep your winters warm and healthy throughout. Its multitude o healing benefits help in improving digestion and eliminates trapped mucus effectively. You can add a few drops in a nighttime tea with some honey when suffering from stuffed nose and severe cold as this ingredient has proved to be highly beneficial for many.