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Best Spots For Airport Dining

Airports are the most pleasant places where you not only wait for your loved ones arrival and flight that is sometimes delayed or cancelled but it is one of the best places for dinning. Airport dining has come a long way in the past few years. the next time you stop by your next flight due to delay or flight cancellation, do not miss to check out the airport dining because many airports specialize in foods including gourmet burgers, fresh seafood, and more from frommer’s favorite local restaurants.

There are many restaurants where you can't just do anything rather than waiting for your flight but fortunately, many airport restaurants have woken up with great food styles and specialized meals for the travelers to have a real time having real food at the airport. Generally, when people think of food available in the market and restaurants is not a quality food but today, you won’t come across any such issue because airport dining has increasingly become an important part of the airports. Therefore, the quality of ingredients used, freshness and local flavor is of utmost consideration for restaurant owners.

There are number of spots for airport dining but according to a survey, the top high-quality airport restaurants are listed above:

  • Atlanta (ATL) - Atlanta airport is one of the spacious and well built airports all over the world. In cases, when people get trapped in Atlanta due to flight delay or cancellation, there is much more you can do to relax yourself apart from traveling back to your hotel place. One Flew South is the first fine-dining restaurant at the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta airport. The restaurant serves interesting mix of both southern and Asian influences like pork belly with black eyed peas versus seaweed salad and a sushi bar. There is also a large collection of cocktails with which you can easily kick back at the airport for a few hours and enjoy a relaxed time in airport.
  • Boston (BOS) - Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, connecting with friends or family, the Boston dinning space is always there to serve you the best along with the airport services. Legal sea foods are a part of international empire which remarks of a great food that is a combination of both quality and flavor. Apart from the food served at the Boston airport dining, the ambience and the legal concept differentiates it from the other dining places. So, next time when you stop by Boston, do not forget to check out the delicious food at legal sea foods at terminal C.
  • New York (JFK) - Jet blue’s new terminal 5 at New York airport serves you high quality dining. On the other hand, the deep blue sushi is also a popular option among many travelers because it has the pedigree of Manhattan restaurant Buddakan behind it. It is a full serve Japanese restaurant from where you can enjoy the delicacies including meat, fish and tempura.