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Discover Magnificent Qualities and Great Benefits of Pomegranate!

Pomegranate, which is called Anar in Hindi, Beejpur in Sanskrit, La Grenade in French, and Granada in Spanish, is one of the most popular fruits in the whole world, and is regarded as being one of the nature’s best super fruits. This very informative and interesting blog offers authentic and sumptuous information about the various health benefits of pomegranate, including answer to the question “why is pomegranate called a super fruit?”, to enhance useful knowledge of our myriads of global readers.

Because of containing a really opulent gamut of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and natural enzymes, pomegranates have been immensely liked by different civilizations and cultures across the world since ancient times. These nutrients found in pomegranate rendered it an eminent fruit in the ancient Greek, Hindu, Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian mythology and scriptures. In the most of these scriptures, pomegranates are used as a folk medicine and as one of the most health-giving super fruits, due to lavish and rare medicinal and healing properties of pomegranate discovered by them from time to time.

Considered as being native to present day Iraq and Iran, pomegranates are highly admired also in one of the most ancient systems of medicine in the whole world, the Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, pomegranate is one of the healthiest as well as rare fruits which can establish balance among the three Doshas. Marvelous healing effects to different diseases, and huge popularity of pomegranate, are amply described by the following popular Hindi proverb --- “Ek Anar Sau Bimar!”. Not only the luscious arils (covering the seeds), even the peel, leaves, and bark of pomegranate have great medicinal value.

The above descriptions, and the qualities and benefits of pomegranates mentioned below, answer to the question “why are pomegranates so popular?” in India and countries worldwide. Here, it may also be added that, arils of pomegranate are commonly used for garnishing salads and other dishes, besides being consumed independently. Food items like soups, jellies, sauces, cakes, health tonics, etc., inherently use pomegranate arils. Moreover, various cosmetic products like moisturizers, body lotions, hair products, beauty care products, etc., also employ pomegranates. The following are the most magnificent qualities of and great benefits obtainable from pomegranates:

  • It Contains Huge Amounts of Powerful Anti-Oxidants: Pomegranates boast of containing many of the most powerful and health-giving antioxidants found in fruits. These antioxidants include Tannins, Ellagic Acid, Punicalagin, and Anthocyanins. The most significant function performed by these antioxidants is to support the combination process of the harmful free radicals present in the body. These free radicals become responsible for causing damage of cells, and a variety of cancers.
  • It is an Opulent Treasure of Vital Micro-Nutrients: Pomegranate is proud of containing nearly all vital vitamins and minerals, along with soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and natural enzymes. This fact makes pomegranates notably supportive to the overall health of the young and old alike. The most noted vitamins and other health-giving fluids found in pomegranates are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B5 and other vitamins of B group, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pyridoxine, etc. While the most prominent minerals found in pomegranates are Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Sodium, Iron, Copper, and Manganese.
  • It is Immensely Beneficial for Cure and Prevention of Heart Problems: Through scavenging harmful free radicals inside the body, discouraging accumulation of fat in arteries, and reducing unnecessary clotting of blood, pomegranate juice fights various heart related problems and diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is a Great Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction and Impotency: According to Ayurveda; researches done in 2007 by Male Clinic, Beverly Hills (California, US); and new researches conducted in Turkey; pomegranates are remarkably helpful for curing erectile dysfunctions and impotency. Pomegranate is a powerful natural aphrodisiac, renowned for improving sperm count and quality of semen. The erectile dysfunctions are cured through unblocking arteries and increasing the levels of nitrite and plasma nitrate, by the antioxidants of pomegranate.
  • It is Helpful in Tackling Troubles and Diseases forming a Wide Range: The high vitamin C content, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties, and anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranates, are immensely helpful for making the immune system of the body rather strong, and for preventing/curing a rather wide variety of various ailments and diseases. The most prominent among these troubles and diseases are the following, (in addition to the above-mentioned diseases) ---- Osteoarthritis, Anemia, Diabetes, diseases caused by diverse viruses, troubles related with the digestive system, Asthma, Diarrhea, Piles, Prostate Cancer, Lymphoma, Depression, Strokes, Osteoporosis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and many other problems and diseases. To an expecting mother, pomegranate juice provides due strength, health to baby in the womb, and prevents birth of low-weight infant. The risk of breast cancer is also reduced by pomegranate juice.