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Wine To Enjoy Its Savor

Wine tasting is not considered as similar to drinking. Experiencing the flavor of a wine is unique in its own way. What it requires is attention on the senses of sight, smell, touch as well as taste. If you are tasting wine for the first time, you need to know the basics. Start with a clear wine glass and make sure that the rim of the glass should bend inwards so that you can feel the aromas to the nose. Secondly, holding a wine glass also takes a few lessons. There is a right and wrong way of holding wine glass and yes, there is a difference between both. According to the experts, never hold a wine glass by its bowl. Hold it by its stem since the heat if your hand will warm the liquid in the glass. If you taste more than one wine, it is always advised to begin with the lightest white wines and progress to the heaviest red wines as this will keep your taste buds more sensitive which will help you appreciate and better know the tastes of the wines in the series. A sip of water is also considered to be an ideal way to preserve your palate. Now, let’s take a look on a few essentials of how to taste wine the correct way:

  • Look at the wine around the edges. This can be made easier by tilting the glass a bit. This will help you see the way the color changes from the center to the edges. The experts recommend to hold a white background for example a napkin, tablecloth or a sheet of paper to make out the true color of the wine.
  • Swirl the wine in your glass to increase the surface area of the wine by spreading it over the inside of the glass. This will allow oxygen into the wine and help its aroma come up to you.
  • Sniffing the wine is the best way to smell and feel the wine correctly. Just hold the glass a few inches from your nose and then smell the wine.
  • Take a small sip of wine but do not swallow. There is a difference between drinking and tasting the wine. Therefore, it is advised to just sip wine. Roll it inside your mouth so that all your taste buds enjoy it.