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7 Foods Tips that Build Strong Bones

Bones are buildings blocks of our body which are made up of calcium. Bones need calcium to remain strong and break less, if our bones become week they tend to break very quickly and this can result into many minute fractures and pain in our joints. Bones need to be taken special care and there are special diets that can keep our bones stronger and healthier. There are many things by which you can make strong bones but there are special 7 foods that build strong bones and make them healthy.

  • Milk is the top secrete that can make bones stronger as it contain vitamin D that helps to built up bones strong and provide it calcium. Milk gives you a good amount of vitamin D that you can intake from sunlight too but milk for children’s and woman is very important. Milk not only keeps your bones strong but it also keeps your teeth’s healthy and strong from the roots.
  • Yogurt is the most amazing food that keeps your bones strong and its best than your milk too. It gives you calcium as well as vitamins that your bones require and rebuilt the immunity with in them. It depends on the intake of yogurt which makes your bones strong.
  • Cheese is another healthy food that keeps your bones strong and the intake of cheese contain 35% of calcium with fat in it which is quite good for your bones. Cheese contain small amount of vitamin D and it also counts fat little much more than any other food.
  • Eggs are good for bones where as they also give your body a warmness that keeps your temperature good. The 10% of vitamin D helps to nourish your bones and if taken with milk then it can be the best food for making your bones stronger. The egg white contains calcium where as the yolk contain vitamin D that rates 10% for bones.
  • Orange is the best for teeth as well as for bones as it contain both calcium and vitamin D in it. Vitamin C in oranges is also important for making ones strong therefore orange peeled or in juice both are equally important.
  • Tuna is rich in vitamin D and it gives your bones around 38% of vitamin which is good frommaking bones strong. Tuna can be intake with bread crumps or chapattis and it is also rich in fat and nutrition. Potassium and magnesium are two main ingredients that tuna include within it.
  • Go green with green vegetables as these are the best when it comes to calcium and vitamins. Green vegetables can be eaten raw or can be used as salad for your lunch or dinner. Eating green vegies can be healthy for your body as well as your brain to. The green food contains lot of calcium that can make bones stronger and teeth healthier.

These above mentioned 7 food items are the strongest food items in terms of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and potassium which give your bones a stronger texture and repair them from any damage.