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Be Wary While Online Flirting

Today's world has a large number of social networking sites on the internet. The networking sites including face book, twitter, orkut, fropper offer facilities to make friends and chat with them free of cost. Persons of all age groups particularly teenagers go online and wait their friends to be online and chat with them. They flirt with each other and waste lots of time. They forget that online flirting may be harmful to them and don't take much of care while flirting online. You must be aware of various things while flirting so that your happy moments don't cause the object of your affection to mistake you for a stalker.

Don't Ping Frequently : Try to hide that you have been waiting for his or her all the day. When your friend or chatting partner becomes online, don't hesitate to start a conversation but don't flirt daily.

Don't Comment on Every Status : Keep in your mind that networking sites are for being in touch with your friends. So, don't spend every breathing moment on viewing other's profile or web page. Keep Yourself Away from Sending Friendship Request Again & Again.

You send friendship request to someone but the person has ignored your friendship request, take a lesson. You may be landed in the blocked list by sending friendship requests repeatedly. Escape yourself from reminding him or her about your pending request through sending messages.

Think A Lot Before You Type : You must think a lot before typing the message. Consider that what you are going to say. Be aware of the fact before making any statement.

Don't Comment on Every Picture : It is good to comment on two-three pictures. But commenting frequently on pictures he or she posts makes you like a stalker. Stop commenting on every picture for your own benefits.

Don't Break In When Two People Are Having A Conversation : You are online and you know that two persons are having a conversation. They are going on chatting. It is obviously that they don't want comments from a third person. So, it will be better for you not to break in the ongoing conversation between them.

Try to Escape Yourself From Sending Friendship Requests to Any of His/her Friends : It is not fine sending friendship requests to all of his or her friends even if you and your flirtation are doing great. Try to establish a relationship and when you become successful in establishing a relationship then you can add your crush's friends.

Don't Spam His or Her Inbox : It becomes very hard to wait him or her when you are in love. You don't want to wait for chatting. It doesn't mean that you should spam his or her inbox by sending message after message. Sending message after message can make you desperate & crazy. So, have patience and play chatting cool. It is sure that you will come out smiling at the end.