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Follow the Ways to Remain Cool Around Your Ex

You have faced breakup. If you ask to any relationship expert how to deal with breakup they will advise you to offer plenty of space. But offering plenty of space is not very easy. Work & social obligation sometimes force you to remain in contact with your Ex-even if you don't want to do. There are several ways to handle the situation from both sides. Here are eight tips to keep cool around your ex, use them with style, grace and maturity.

Offer Space

If you have decided to go on with breakup, you should offer the last chance for reconciliation which is very tough. Offer your ex plenty of space as much as possible & avoid contact till work or social obligation don't demand for it. It is very difficult but in long term, offering space may assist your ex to get over the relationship.

Act Confident

If you are in words war with your ex, take it cool and avoid being anxious. You should ask your ex how you are doing instead of being disturbed. You can exchange the pleasant moments & latest developments of your life whether personal or professional.

Act Friendly

If your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend has walked away, you should not have a feeling of anger or dislike. Talk to him or her very friendly & let him or her see more kindness in you after breakup.

Be Tactful Down the Road

It may take a long time but it is sure that you will meet a new one and start to date again. Be very careful when you bring your new one around your ex because it will be very painful no matter a long time has passed after your breakup. Display affection publicly & offer nicknames.

Don't Force Friends, Co-workers

You shouldn't force your common friends, co-workers and family members to take sides in your split. If you do this, you make your friends, family members & coworkers to feel uncomfortable and may cost your relationship.

Move On

You should not figure out about what went wrong. You should think that public places, social event places or work place are not the right place to discuss about your relationship with your ex. If you come to know that your partner is not interested in to discuss the issue privately, just move on.

Take the High Road

You don't like your ex. Let not your breakup be the reason to affect the rest of your life. Remain pleasant to your ex when you are out with your friends. Try to maintain a good working relationship, if he or she is your coworker. Stay positive and go ahead to recover breakup.

Remain Emotionally Stable

If you come in front of your ex accidentally, don't allow your emotions to get affect you. Try not to show anger, remorse in your conversation and remain emotionally stable.