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How Be Fastidious With Girls on Phone

Talking the right way over phone especially with a girl is the most common fear many men have. There are several ways to do this without fear and nervousness and if you follow the tips correctly, this could be the most memorable and exciting experiences of your life. Men are often taught to ask for a woman's phone number whenever they are at a party but not every man knows how to seduce and make her all yours after getting the number. Tons of focus and attention is paid over getting the phone number of a girl but this hard work fails when a guy fails to make the conversation correctly over the phone. Listed below are a few handy tips you should keep in mind while talking to a girl over phone for the first time:

  • Call the girl at a time when you know she will be able to spend at least a few minutes on the phone.
  • Make her feel special with a surprised phone call. So, make sure that she is not expecting you to call.
  • Talk in a soft tone that is affectionate enough to keep her attracted.
  • Tell her how much you like or love her.
  • Avoid negative posturing such as dropping off your shoulders and rolling your eyes as these actions would take your flirtatious intentions away.
  • Whisper compliments when conversing in a smooth voice quality or in a giggling way. Tell her how interesting her hobbies are and how fashionably she dresses. Sayings such things will not only make her hear you more but she will also feel special and attracted towards you. If she asks you to repeat you comments because of your low voice quality, she may probably paying attention towards you.
  • Call her random times if she responds well and tell her, you don't want to disturb her but you just love hearing her lovely voice. These are a few flirting sessions you can try without hesitating.
  • Sing for her. Ask which her favorite song is. Singing a few lines of her favorite song will not only make her feel, how much you like her but this will create a sensation of looking forward to your next unexpected phone call.
  • Tell her, phone conversations are nice but seeing you in person will be even more pleasing. Compliment on her features like eyes, lips and nose and ask her to meet you soon as you would like o see the heavenly beauty.