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How to be a Best Husband

Being a husband is not a big deal but being a good husband is something that worth's a lot. Husband are the one that carry a responsibility of not only their family but also to the needs of there wife who are there soul partner and have to deal with the day to day problems.To be a good husband you need to have a good chemistry with your wife and you should know how to tackle with the situations that can worse the relation or any other situation. To be a good husband you need to have only few things and in short you are there.

To Be a Good Husband

Respect your relation and the word "Marriage". Do not take things in light as this is the life time relation who needs your time and love. Do not take things for granted in fact sit and talk together if there is any thing wrong. Listen to your wife rather then ignoring her, make her feel special and show her the care that she wants.

Do not just order or sit and pass the comments as this can stress her and irritate her. Do your things by your own till you really need her as this can show the signs of responsible husband and a caring loved hubby too. Help her in making dinner or breakfast so that she can also get some time to relax for herself.

Be a hard working husband as wife's love when there hubbies work hard and earn hard. Do not make her feel less from others and unprotected as this can make her feel jealous and it can disturb your relation. Give her protection and be possessive for her by showing her your love and care.Care for her if she is not well and call her often for her well being. Write a note of “I love you” or “Get Well Soon” if you found her low any day.

Few people say that love fades with time but do not make her feel that this statement holds for you. Being merged into your busy schedule, buy out some gifts or roses for her once in a month. Take her out for dinner or to the place she love to hang around. Giving time to your relationship canmake it better and you can prove to be a great husband. Take her out for a drive or a walk once or twice in a week as she love but remember do not always talk about your day and your schedule as wife need to talk a lot when they find alone time with there husband. Ask her about her day and what she did in whole day, in between the conversation ask about how much she missed you and you missed her because in this way love will always rule your relation. If you find her mood spoiled sit and hold her hand then ask the problem and try to give her a best solution that can help her to smile.