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How to Impress Your Eccentric Boss?

Keeping your boss happy is not the big deal but not that easy too as you have to try every possible thing to do so. There are many different personalities in this big world and there are multitudes of contexts these personalities work in. The very First for most things is first, the most obvious to do and often ignored point is to change your mind set.

Accept this true fact that you can make your boss happy and that it is possible. At the very least point of time, the fact that you ended up reading this is because you want to work on how to keep your boss happy. So, that is a good start to go on with.

Do you really know how does your boss work best?

Is she or he an evening kind of person, which means in that the morning she is probably grouchy and cannot process information? Or maybe they have a tendency to make impulsive decisions at a certain time of the day maybe because she is handling something else at that time?

Know their schedule is the best part of their periods of time when she will be stressed out? For example, some bosses are really busted or stressed out at the right after a management meeting. For obvious reasons, you do not have much plan to get that all-important signature from her at that time.

How does your boss like to be updated and at what time?

Is an email summary enough for knowing this thing? Or is they are the kind that likes formal daily reports? She dispenses all of these and is happy with a verbal debrief? When you start learning your boss's style, you learn how to keep your boss happy.

Communication is the best source to know your boss. This may sounds bit easy enough but a lot of newbie at the area of work forget the most important thing on how to keep your boss happy is to communicate with him. Let's start this by asking. Do not assume anything yourself as it may worsen the situation and spoil your plans. For example, in the coming next meeting are you expected to prepare the agenda or your boss to do so? Well, the best way to know is to ASK. Try to ask them things at minimum times but in more summaries way as it won't irritate them and can be helpful for you in any respect. Try to learn to be a good reliable if you want to know how to keep your boss happy. Down some where right to small things like making it to work on time!