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Possessive Girl and Date - How to Deal With?

When you fall in love with somebody the very first thing that comes up within you is care and possessiveness by own. Being possessive is not bad at all but being over possessive can be a problem between two of you. It is very important to see that you do not force the other partner to act like you and do what you say, let them be the way they are and you be the way you are. Being possessive meant that care is what others need and in that case girls are more possessive then guys. There are few relationships which break due to over possessiveness because of girlfriends, so here are some of the tricks that can help you to deal with the possessive nature of your girlfriend.

  • Trust each other is the first basic rule of every relationship. Trust your girlfriend and let her do what she want but stand by her in every decision that she makes and if you do this she will do the same with you. Possessiveness comes when you treat other partner as a slave and ask them to follow you. Trusting can make your relationship strong and there won’t be any jealousy in it.
  • Talk to her more and more and try to take her in gatherings so that the possessiveness can convert into open mildness. Be honest to her in what you do and what you say, do not hide things from her. If you are talking to female then try to talk in front of her so that she cannot blame you in any way. Let her be friendly with your group of friends and you are the same with her friends as well. Enjoy each other’s company and share most of the things that you can.
  • Make her feel secure at every moment and at every stage. Talk to her and let her know what you doing at what time and ask her about what she doing and what she expecting to do next. Make her feel special and secured with you.
  • Spend as much time as you can with her. Do not avoid her at any point of time as in this way she can feel apart and try to do things that can upset you. Spend time while talking on phone or messages and even if that is not enough then you can fix a meeting once in a week with each other.
  • Give her space that she needs and explain her about yours too. Arguments on every stage is not good and snatching each other’s space is the reason of maximum fights and over possessiveness so, give some space and let you enjoy your time and let her do what makes her happy.

These are the few tips that can make your relationship strong and can help your girlfriend to understand you. After following above points you will able to handle your possessive girlfriend easily and give her love and care she wants.