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Seven Ultimate Facts for Happy Relationship with Lover or Spouse

relationship with someone is undoubtedly a matter of due care and concern, especially when this is in between two partners in love, or husband and wife. Certainly, the relationship with lover or spouse is most ticklish, delicate, and requires great gravity. This blog deals with how to win girlfriend or boyfriend in order to make the concerted love most succulent and lasting, and also with how to build happy relationship with lover or spouse, for leading a peaceful and happy married life. For both these purposes, some things to be followed strictly are common, and are as follows:

  • Develop Compatibility and Closeness: Strength of mutual compatibility and closeness is the backbone of sound and lasting relationship between two lovers or husband and wife. Know and feel the good qualities, nature, and outlook of the other person, and then establish the best possible understanding and intimacy with him/her.
  • Remain Honest and Tolerant: You must remain sincere, honest, and amply tolerant to your partner in love or spouse, under changing and challenging circumstances. Yours such behavior will inspire and encourage the other person for trusting in you, caring for you, and depending on you with certainty. It is certainly one of the imperative ways to improve love with someone, be it your lover or spouse.
  • There Should be No Ego, Only Transparency and Empathy: Presence of any sort of ego in between two lovers or spouses, acts like a invisible wall which restricts selfless intimacy and unconditional generosity between the two. It is always the best to know the position and feelings of the other person, and act considerately and transparently.
  • Appreciate and Respect Each Other: Do respect the feelings of the other person, and appreciate his/her good qualities and works. His/her mistakes and wrong deeds should be disapproved politely, without humiliating him/her unfairly more. It is surely one of the essential requirements for how to keep wife or husband happy all along the bumpy course of life.
  • Live Happily Within Your Means and Constraints: Both of you should feel contented in living within the available means and constraints (personal, familial, financial, occupational, or social). Following blindly the persons with affluence or high status, or practicing affectation, are not wise.
  • Be Patient and Prudent Enough to Nurture Lifelong Relationship: Always keep in mind the grand fact that both of you have to live and interact together the whole life, and through the thick and thin of it. No silly mistakes or unwise actions should ever be committed recklessly which can harm existing good relationship.
  • Settle Discrepancies and Conflicts Privately and Coolly: You two are most concerned with your private problems, therefore, never disclose these problems to other or outside people. Other people will offer suggestions based on their own individual knowledge, experience, and circumstances, which may not suit to your specific conditions. Moreover, such revelation can also leave you bare to them, subject to their eccentric comments.