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Six Most Famous but Unfortunate Love Stories of Bollywood!

Becoming attracted and going near and close to a person of opposite sex, is very natural and quite easy in this world of 'Maya' (Illusion or beguiling Magic of the Universe)! And, Bollywood is after all, a Mayanagari (a land of thoughts and actions enveloped in this Maya)!! It is one of the main reasons that Bollywood has always been a rather prominent center for real incidents as well as rumors involving luscious love stories and blossoming romantic affairs of celebrities, from time to time. It may be said that, these love affairs are actually occupational hazards of Bollywood, influenced by the types of work the actors and actresses of this industry do. But, unfortunately, all of these love-stories do not get rosy. Here, in this blog, we are expounding the unsuccessful love stories of some most successful celebrities of bollywood, as sincere tribute to. We hope that these off-screen love stories of Bollywood would entertain our readers!

Some of such most famous but sad love affairs of bollywood, are the following: --- >

* Dev Anand and Suraiya

Evergreen and debonair actor Dev Anand had fallen in love with famous singer with golden voice Suraiya, soon after making his debut to Bollywood. At that time, Suraiya was in her teens, but on the peak of her singing career. As true love doesn’t see differences, soon these two ambitious stars had fallen in passionate love, and Dev Anand had loved her above everything in the world at that time. Both were agree to marry, but strong and rigid family pressure especially from the grandmother of Suraiya devastated the whole sweet story. Despite all his tireless efforts, Suraiya had not the courage to go against her family and thus marry him; a decision which pained her lifelong. In an interview with Stardust in 1972, Suraiya had shared some golden moments of their love story, including the following advice of Dev Anand given to her once --- "The only religion is love. Don’t let social barriers or family, influence your heart."

* Raj Kapoor and Nargis

The passionate but tragic love affair of Raj Kapoor and Nargis, which was once the talk of the whole nation, is one of the most unforgettable love affairs in the history of Indian cinema. The Showman of Bollywood, Raj Kapoor, and famous actress Nargis, were hit pair of 1950s and worked together in 16 Hindi films, including blockbusters like "Awaara" and "Shree 420". Although "Aag" was their first film, their relationship started flourishing after the film "Barsaat", and they were visibly smitten by each other. Their fast deepening and besotting off-screen love was lavishly manifested in their captivating on-screen chemistry.

But, their intense love story could not come to a happy ending, as Raj was already a married man with children, and was reluctant to divorce his existing wife Krishna and family. Nargis waited about 10 years for him to divorce Krishna and then marry her. Lastly, heartbroken Nargis decided to get married to Sunil Dutt, who came close to her during making of the famous film named "Mother India". It is said that Sunil Dutt was also made besotted by her great allure then. What impressed her most was the brave and benevolent endeavor of Sunil Dutt to save her life through jumping in the blazing fire, which was accidentally broke out during a shooting of the film.

* Madhubala And Dilip Kumar

Legendary actor, once rather prominent as the "Tragedy King", Dilip Kumar too had a serious and succulent love relationship with actress Madhubala, the embodiment of beauty and seduction! They were one of the most successful on-screen pairs of the 1960s, and their love affair was obvious to the media, as they never attempted to conceal it, unlike other stars. Madhubala too was a famous actress of Bollywood in her times.

But, their love could not reach the stage of harmonious marriage, as Madhubala was a very obedient daughter, and Dilip Saab was rigidly reluctant to apologize to her father Attaullah Khan to placate some altercation with him (her father). Consequently, he did not ever give Madhubala the permission to marry Dilip Kumar, and she never overrode her father’s decision. Madhubala was said to be very sad when Dilip Kumar married to Saira Bano, an actress 22 years younger than him. Although Madhubala moved on and married eminent Kishore Kumar, it is said that she remained loving Dilip Kumar till the end of her short life in 1969.

* Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman

Guru Dutt was a highly talented and wonderful personality (actor, director, and producer) of the black-and-white movie era of Bollywood. He married singer Geeta Roy in 1953, who was regarded as being the nightingale of playback singing in early 50s. His family life was quite smooth and happy, prior to entrance of doe-eyed beauty Waheeda Rehman into his life.

Actress Waheeda Rehman was introduced by him in his directorial venture "C.I.D" in 1956. Soon rumors of their rising romance were flying around in the filmy environs, and they were going nearer to each other fast. His gradually growing proximity to alluring Waheeda soon had started influencing his family life. Ultimately, their love affair reached the stage of taking decision about marriage. Some say it was Waheeda who had initially made marriage proposal to Dutt, while other sources insist that Geeta’s suspicious nature had made Dutt confide in Waheeda. But, Hindu customs prevented him to marry both the women simultaneously, and he was reluctant to convert to Muslim. In search of solace, then Dutt opted for immersing himself completely in his work, ignoring Geeta and his family. Feeling secluded, then Geeta left Guru Dutt in despair, and Waheeda too distanced herself from him, leaving Dutt in complete isolation. Then, things worsened to the extent that, both Dutt and Geeta started drinking heavily. Eventually, Guru Dutt committed suicide in 1964 by consuming excess sleeping pills and alcohol (became successful in his third suicide attempt), while Geeta died of liver cirrhosis in 1972.

* Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

The love affair between superstar Amitabh Bachchan and one of the finest actresses in Hindi cinema Rekha, had been one of the most famous but unsuccessful love-stories of Bollywood. They were first met on the sets of movie "Do Anjane" in 1976, and both were irresistibly attracted to each other. By that time he had already married to Guddi (Jaya Bhaduri) in 1973. Soon, their affair came in the limelight, giving fuel to many speculations. It was said that Amitabh was desirous of eloping with "Madam R", but his mother Teji Bachchan had reminded him of his familial responsibilities with Jaya Bachchan. Subsequently, Amitabh had started a lifestyle of being a family man and a contented husband.

Film "Silsila" released in 1981 was regarded as the real-life love triangle of these two women and him; and this film was their last film together. After this film, their passionate relationship began to fade even off-screen. Rekha may have realized that there was no future in that relationship, and she may not be interested in settling down with the tag of the "other woman" in his life. Later on, Rekha gone through two fateful marriages in quick succession, and now she again remains as the solitary queen bee of Bollywood. But, even after four decades, the heavy and highly exotic aura of this sad love story still lingers.

* Mithun and Sridevi

The "Disco-Dancer" of Bollywood Mithun Chakraborty and the "Chandni" of many hearts Sridevi, too were deep in love with each other once. Their love had started blossoming on the sets of film 'Jaag Utha Insaan' (1984). However, as Mithun was already married to actress Yogita Bali, their love affair was never admitted by them in public. Once, it was reported that, they had got married secretly, and Mithun had left his wife and house to stay with Sridevi, at least for time being.

A revealing twist in this tale came when Sridevi asked Mithun to marry her officially after getting divorce from Yogita; but Mithun was not prepared for this grave decision. Another twist in their love affair came when Yogita had tried to commit suicide on hearing about their love affair. Then, under the heat of these circumstances, Mithun had to break-off his loving relationship with Sridevi and finally return back to Yogita. Soon after, a news came in the media that Sridevi and director Boney Kapoor had got married.