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The Best & Safest Massage oils for Your Little Baby!

Body massage has numerous health benefits to both newborn babies and adults. In general, the health benefits obtainable from body massages are proper circulation of blood, soft and sleek skins, strong bones and joints, high immunity, robust and resilient muscles, better digestion, proper flexibility of body parts, maintaining sound health amid changing weathers, prevention or cure of skin ailments and other bodily or menal disorders, and enhancement of the overal health and beauty of the body. As far as the babies (from 0-2 years) are concerned, it is traditional, especially in India, to give a healthy body massage to them before bath, especially in the winter or rainy seasons. The selection of the oil for body massage is one of the things of paramount importance in connection with a body massage. This blog offers very useful information regarding the best & safest massage oils for babies in the summer and winter seasons.

Here, it must be noted that the massage oils for little babies should be selected with utmost care and concern, keeping in mind their delicate skin, the proper development and growth of them, their comfort, and their sound health amid changing weathers. Selection of the best massage oils for babies is gravely important owing to the following considerations:

  • Only some oil are highly healing and non-toxic for body massages of babies
  • Some oils leave a greasy feeling after massage
  • Some oils may cause skin irritations or allergic reactions
  • Some oils have utterly unpleasant smells
  • Different oil is suitable in different seasons

Considering these all points, the safest and best massage oils for babies are vegetable or edible oils. In addition to being immensely health-giving, these oils are non-toxic and harmless to your baby, even in case your baby sucks his/her oil-smeared thumb. Hence, the majority of families prefer these vegetable/edible oils for the body massage of their tender babies, rather than the creams and lotions, and the petroleum-based massage oils. Again, mineral-based oils might offer some side effects.

The Best Massage Oils for Babies in Hot Summer Months

  • Coconut Oil [Naryal Tel]: Coconut oil is one of the finest massage oils for the delicate skins of the baby, especially in hot summers and humid climates. As massage oil for babies as well as adults, coconut oil is immensely popular in the south India and the coastal tropical regions of the world. The qualities which make the coconut oil one of the best massage oils especially in summers, are the following ---- because of being lighter in texture, it readily gets absorbed by the skin, without blocking the skin pores, and offers a rather pleasant cooling effect on the body; coconut oil has immense nutritional value, boosted by anti-oxidants, lauric and caprylic acids, and many other healing and health-giving nutrients; coconut oil possesses antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties, and therefore, this oil is very effective for preventing various infections, and skin problems like eczema, rashes, dermatitis, patchy skin, cradle cap, back acne, breakouts, etc.; it keep the sensitive skin of your baby well-moisturized, soft, and supple; and it results in no side effects on the tender skin of your baby.
  • Sesame Oil [Til Ka Tel]: The sesame oil, especially the oil extracted from the Black Sesame seeds, is one of the very popular massage oils or a famous ingredient of the same in India and abroad, for the body massage of both little babies and adults. According to Ayurveda, the ancient and traditional system of medicines in India, sesame oil is immensely beneficial to the human body, because of containg high nutritional value, strengthening the body structure (tendons, muscles, ligaments, etc.), detoxifying the body, and curing many ailments, especially those associated with the Vata type, such as poor circulation, anxiety, bloating, excessive dryness, etc. Again, as sesame oil is rather thick and may leave a greasy feeling on skin after massage, any suitable lighter oil may be blended with it, for massaging purpose.


The Perfect Massage Oils for Babies in Cold Winter Months

The perfect body massage oils in the cold months of winter, are the following:

  • Mustard Oil [Sarson Ka Tel]: The mustard oil is perhaps the most used massage oil especially in the northern and eastern India, since long time. Musard oil is one of the best massage oils in the winters, as it gives warmth to the skin and the body. Possessing numerous medicinal properties including fighting infections, mustard oil is considered very healthy for the body and hair. Mustard oil may be used in combination with any other harmless massage oil (such as Almond oil or Olive oil).

The traditional or usual practices advise to heat mustard oil adding to it some garlic cloves (Lehsun) and fenugreek seeds (Methi). After cooling the mixture to lukewarm, it is passed through a sieve to remove any residue. Then, the pleasantly warm mixture is used for massaging the body. Garlic is rather renowned to possess antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, and to boost the immune system of the body. While Fenugreek is hugely famous for relaxing the stressed body. In some northen regions of India, mustard oil is tempered with Carom seeds (Ajwain), in order to soothe colicky babies. In case, you just don't want to use mustard oil (because of its pungent smell or the oily feel it gives after massage), you may use the Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil for body massaging in winters.

  • Olive Oil [Jaitoon Ka Tel]: For giving a healthy body massage to babies, Olive Oil is rather popular in the Western countries. However, olive oil is used commonly round the globe for massaging both babies and adults, especially in the Mediterranean (where this oil is used for cooking and massaging since ancient times). The following are the main qualities and properties of this olive oil which together make this oil so famous and popular worldwide ---- olive oil gives ample nutrition to skin, making it duly moisturized, soft & supple, younger, and glossier; it strengthens bones and reduces and cures cholesterol; soothes depression; reduces or prevents skin cancer and breast cancer; olive oil is very good for hair also; and it possesses anti-aging properties.
  • Sweet Almond Oil [Badaam Ka Tel]: This is one of the best and globally popular massage oils for babies and adults, especially in the Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. The sweet almond oil contains Vitamin E in greater amount than the coconut oil, and is used for skin and hair care, and also culinary uses. The sweet almond oil is extracted from the edible and sweet almonds, as compared to the bitter almonds which are toxic. Hence, the sweet almond oil has been a well-tested, age-old, and great ingredient for health and beauty.


The following are the rich and rare qualities of this almond oil, which are creditable for its great magnificence as a massage oil worldwide ---- sweet almond oil is thin, light, and able to be readily absorbed by the skin, maintaining soothing oiliness and moisture for a long time; it has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties; it can cure or prevent dryness of skin, itching, eczema, dermatitis, etc., leaving the skin soft and sleek; almond oil contains rich amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, potassium, zinc, and many other vital vitamins and minerals for complete nourishment of skin and hair.


The following tips should be kept in mind in connection with the body massage of a baby:

  • Massage the tender body of your baby with utmost delicacy and care, with mild upward strokes. Do not exert pressures.
  • Keep the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears of your babyclear from the massage oil.
  • Use pure vegetable/edible oils with no strong fragrance/scent.
  • Refrain from using oils containing minerals and mineral oils. The petroleum-based oils should also not be used.
  • Always use oils produced by reputed brands with ISI and AGMARK certification. Unbranded or loosely sold oils should not be trusted to suit the sensitive skin of your baby.
  • Transfer the massage oils to plastic bottles for the easiest and safest use during and after the massage.
  • Refrain from massaging your baby with Desi Ghee, as it is greasy enough to clog his/her skin pores.
  • Aromatherapy oils are not suitable for the body massage of babies, as these oils are rather strong in smell or effect.