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Catch Horoscope With Hollywood Stars

Fame is as important as food for any star. However, it is not immortal but short lived in this fast moving and competitive world, especially in the Hollywood. Horoscopes play an important role in every human beings life. Therefore, many stars in bollywood and Hollywood are always keen to know what is in store for them for the upcoming few months or years.

According to science and a few surveys, it is commonly a human tendency to know more about their future due to which they get attracted towards horoscopes. Moreover, many people have made flipping their morning newspapers a daily habit to know their daily, monthly or yearly horoscopes. Horoscope is a field, in which a lot of Hollywood stars and people are greatly interested apart from Indians but do they really know much about the future forecasts.

Let us draw our eyes towards to know the sun signs and horoscopes of few popular celebrities and stars. Love horoscope is an integral part of the horoscope. It is seen that brad Pitt and Angelina jolie are quiet attracted towards each other. This can either be the combination of good sun signs or a love horoscope that has a good soul connection. The best answer for all your questions is right here:

  • Brad Pitt date of birth- 18 dec, 1963 - Angelina jolie date of birth- 4 June, 1975
  • Brad Pitt Birth place - Shawnee (USA) - Angelina jolie birth place - Los Angeles (USA)

The general sun sign interaction according to astrologers is pretty high among both sun signs because in Angelina, the interaction of sun in Gemini and in Brad, the sun in Sagittarius is of complimentary opposites which makes both outgoing and interested about each others life.

With the interesting horoscope of both the rising stars in Hollywood, let us know consider about the most talked about personality Lindsay Lohan. She was on 2 July, 1986 which makes her sensitive, charming and entertaining. The ruling planet is the moon whereas the symbol is crab. Element is water and lucky stone is moonstone. Her sun sign is cancer and cancer sun signed are mostly sensitive, strong at emotions and intuitions. The most important and attractive part is that the personalities born under this sun sign, the crab’s shell represents the protection wherever needed.

Another well know Hollywood star 'Jennifer Aniston' was born on 11 February, 1969 which represents her as unique, kind hearted and eccentric. The element is air, Ruling planet- Uranus, Lucky stone- Amethyst and Symbol- the water carrier. The most obvious thing about the people with Aquarius sun sign is that they are truly unique. There minds work differently from other people but are quiet when it come to behavior and nature which is an attractive part in them.

To know more about these celebrities, keep visiting and we will get you the best possible information on horoscopes with leading personalities all across the world.