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What I Do Believe in New Age Beliefs

New age beliefs are hard to justify. It can make you think twice but sometimes they are the peaceful part of advice. People say that those who have not met the real world cannot judge other but in today’s era this statement is bit different. The new age people have faith and belief in the part of world that took them to the highest challenge. It’s not that thought to understand but people who are observant have good thoughts rather than having personal experience.

People of today’s era have more self power of thinking they want to get independent rather than being dependent on others. They prefer self employment a strong tool rather than spending up somebody hard work. They achieve their own goals by their hard work. This thought may not suit every youth but among the total youth count maximum are in the list.

It’s all about the word that highlighted and that is the self effort and tapping into the spiritual power sources all around. Self-centered and prideful, it had placed many on the throne of my life. If God or a god head existed, it was purely to the help and also become what the world esteemed as important. “Me, myself, and I” were my self-defined Trinity.

The first step towards the truth

If I start thinking about the dark side than I may end up with heartbroken parts of them and may disheartened with the deeds but if I move on towards new life it will give me faith and strong feeling to move on.

Spiritualists in this of new ages have come up with their one mark and direction that all paths are directed towards God. There is not a single path to be called as separated from God. This has made every one closer to God with the thinking of everything is valid and nothing is wrong. Under this scenario, the main question is objective of truth which I always confused with, while exploring many of things have got cleared related to truth and ideas about truth.

According to the religious book that is bible it is said that whatever the truth is it will always remain same, as we cannot change it this part will always remain same. It may be today, tomorrow or yesterday truth will always be the truth and I am the one who is looking forward to it. The new ages beliefs are the one which going to be carried forward in the upcoming generation so these beliefs are not only important part of the new generation but also the sigma of the future. In coming years these beliefs will go to be modified as the thoughts change we cannot depend on the ear which we have passed till now. Changes are always accepted or else you have to change yourself with the time.