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Boarding Schools in India

A boarding or residential school is the one where the child pursues his studies while staying at the hostel. Students do not live with their family but with other students and grow along with them.

Sending their child to a boarding school is a good option for those parents who don’t find a suitable day school within reach or have difficulty to spend proper time with the child due to their hectic lifestyle. Some child may feel rejected when sent to the residential schools, while other may like to grow up independently there.

In some boarding schools in India, residence is an option for the outstation students while in some of them availing the residence facilities is mandatory. The top boarding schools in India provide top class facilities when it comes to food and accommodation. The students usually share rooms which remain under the guidance of house master or warden.

There is no fixed age when adolescence arrives. This is the time when a child usually overreacts and likes to have more independence. Usually parents try to remove their children from the peer group or the social environment to help them achieve a bright, successful future.

Many parents of girls face trouble handling them with their growing interest in their appearance and boys’ interest in them. Sometimes all these factors can put their daughter’s academic and social future at risk. Local private schools might help, but not if the neighborhood peer group still influences her. There are many girls’ boarding schools in India which proves to be the right choice for the girls who are not achieving their potential.

Top residential school in India

There are several residential schools in India which provides full-time and part-time boarding facilities to the students.

The factors that make best boarding schools in India are the world class infrastructure it provides along with the serious care of the students, numerous indoor and outdoor activities and most importantly strict discipline.

The list of boarding schools in India is just growing with more and more private schools coming up. Some of India’s best boarding schools are:

  • Amtul Public School ,Nainital
  • St. Anthony’s School of Kurseong, Darjeeling
  • Patha Bhavan, Santiniketan
  • Columbia Convent, Indore
  • Delhi Public School, New Delhi
  • The Air Force School, Delhi
  • Welham Girls’ School, Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal
  • Abhyasa Residential Public School, Toopran, Medak
  • Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie

Parameters that must be considered while choosing a boarding school

  • Distance: the school must be in reasonable reach of their home or relative’s home where a child can go in case of some emergency.
  • Schedule and extra-curricular activities: the school should provide ample opportunities for the overall development.
  • Home Contact: the school should provide other contact facilities to contact their family or friends.
  • Food and Health: for the proper health care.
  • Vacation: child should get enough time to go to home on festivals and other emergencies.