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Career in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a type of profession in which professionals assist people in achieving freedom in all areas of their lives. It focuses on physically, mental, emotional, cognitive conditions of people. Occupational therapists help people in identifying imbalances and deal with those imbalances. Occupational therapy consists of recreational, creative or educational activities. Occupational therapists apply a lot of methods to treat the patients.

There is very high demand of occupational therapists. So, making a career in occupational therapy will be very beneficial. For becoming a successful occupational therapy, you should earn a master degree or another more advanced degree in occupational therapy after a medical degree. You also have to pass licensing exam to work as an occupational therapist.

Career Options in Occupational Therapy

A lot of career options in occupational therapy are open to professionals. Occupational therapy career options are occupational therapist, occupational therapist assistant and occupational therapy aide. Occupational therapist is the senior in occupational therapy. He or she has to earn a master or doctorate degree in occupational therapy and pass a licensing exam. Occupational therapy assistant put into practice the treatment methods prepared by occupational therapist. The occupational therapy assistant reports the therapist that the patient is doing all physical activities well. The assistant has to prepare the progress report for the occupational therapist. For becoming the occupational therapy assistant you should have an associate degree or certificate in occupational therapy from a recognized college or university.

Occupational therapy aide manufactures materials and medical equipments which are used by the occupational therapist and the occupational therapy assistant. He or she has also to perform clerical duties. The occupational therapy aide gets on the job training after successful completion of high school diploma.

Job Sectors in Occupational Therapy

A lot of opportunities are available in various sectors. Professionals having knowledge of occupational therapy can get jobs in hospitals, community mental health centers, polyclinics, rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities, psychiatric institutions, special schools, adult daycare programs and sports teams. Occupational therapy jobs can be obtained in industrial and architectural area where a lot of injuries can happen while working. The occupational therapist can get a job at school helping children from injuries.