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Career in Print Media

Print Media…A New Face of Career Options

Print media is the oldest form of communicative media. It mainly refers to the publications which are distributed in the form of newspapers. These newspapers ensure that news from each part of the country reaches the customers who are buying these. The news varies from different range of topics as for example from the little gossips of the big celebrities to the big happenings of small towns and villages. In short it ranges from lifestyle topics to sports news. Print media is the cheapest form of media. Even though digital media like Internet and Video websites are creating a tough competition for the print media; still it is a booming sector in India.

If you are planning a proper career in media, print media can definitely be the appropriate option. If you are a go getter and wish to bring into light the darker side of the society, be ready to work anytime. Working in newspapers means searching for new happenings from any part of the society, we call this journalism. Journalism is not just a job. It’s a goal…an objective to do something for the society. It is to bring out the different problems and its respective outcomes that the society is facing and to resolve these problems fruitfully.

Career Options in Print Media

Print media has several opportunities to offer the candidates. The main positions offered are columnist, freelance journalist, editors and sub-editors. The other options are commentators, cartoonists, photojournalists, reporters and correspondents. Editors: Editors are responsible for the publication of contents as well as the supervision of how this is published. They must have the capability to brainstorm various innovative styles of content publishing. They should have an excellent knowledge of the market and should give enough effort to find new writers and new subjects to write. In some of the organizations there are assistant editors who tackle several topics like local news, international and national news, sports, special pull outs etc. Administrative functions of an editor include budget planning, contract negotiation and hiring freelance writers.

Commentators: Different people who are authorities in their respective fields are generally invited to write on different topics in newspapers and magazines.

Columnist: Renowned people are assigned a particular column in the newspaper. They write every day or every week for those columns. Freelance journalist: Freelance journalism is also a good option. A freelancer is not a permanent or full time employee of the organization. They are paid on the basis of number of articles they write.

Eligibility Criteria for Print Media

In order to have a career in print media, the candidate must be a graduate or a post graduate or diploma in mass communication or journalism. Most of the journalism courses are offered in English, Hindi and other regional languages. The candidate must be fluent in English, should have an excellent flair for writing and should be capable enough to collect proper information for news stories. If you are a budding journalist of the country, be eager about people related issues and try to develop an inquisitive nature. The more you know the more you produce!