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Career in Real Estate

Suppose that you want to buy a home or property but you are not aware of property or home being sold then you call a real estate agent or property dealer or go to the office of real estate or property dealer personally and ask them about a property or home. The real estate agent or the property dealer helps you in your purpose. The real estate is flourishing all around the world and it is a vibrant sector in India. The real estate is rising very fast and requires professionals to work in this field. So, making a career in real estate offers you a bright future and fast growth.

Real estate careers are wide and offer a lot of opportunities for job seekers. Real estate career options are available as real estate agent, real estate broker, sales associate, real estate appraiser, property manager, real estate advisor, and real estate entrepreneur. Real estate careers require professionals of various educational backgrounds. As for example, there is no specific educational requirement for becoming a real estate agent. Any graduate can be a real estate agent. But you want to get a job like property manager you should have an MBA (Real Estate Management).

You should have also many other skills besides educational qualification. You should have passion and drive to work in the field of real estate. You should have one working in financial firms. You should update yourself. You should be aware of current market trends. You should also be aware of market predictions. You should have well-built communication skills and advertisement power.

Real estate career guidance is offered at real estate career institutes. The real estate career institutes run programs on real estate to guide students wishing to enter into the field. There are no specific real estate career institutes or programs in real management in India as in the west. There are few real estate career institutes in India offering real estate management. Some of real estate institutes in India and the world are mentioned below: -

  • National Institute of Real Estate
  • Indian Institute of Real Estate (IIRE),
  • Amity University,
  • Cornell University,
  • National University of Singapore (NUS),
  • CASS Business School, London,

Real Estate Job Profiles

Real estate job profiles depend on the title of real estate jobs. Real estate jobs are available as real estate agent, real estate broker, sales associate, real estate appraiser, property manager, real estate advisor, and real estate entrepreneur. The profiles of different real estate jobs are as follows:

Real Estate Agent/Broker – They, mainly sales professionals, help people in buying or selling homes or property. They work on commission based. For becoming real estate agent, you should be over the age of 18 with a graduate degree. You should also have knowledge of property law. Sales Associates mainly advertize office buildings, hotels, and many others related to real estate. They are specialized in property type such as apartments, retail, office, hospitality, shopping centers and industrial plants. Real estate appraiser estimates the value and quality of the property. Property managers are liable for leasing, and satisfaction of clients. Real estate advisor advices people about investment such as how to invest, where to invest and when they have to invest.

Salary in Real Estate

The salary in real estate is based on the job titles. A trainee or real estate agent/broker can expect about three lakh a month while a senior manager can expect ten lakh a month. The salary in real estate also depends on property advisory organization or Real Estate Company.