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Careers Planning

Career planning is a mix of structured planning as well as the enthusiastic management choice for their career. When one works in a planned way, they often get results like personal satisfaction, which leads to peace of mind, a balance in one’s professional and personal life, the goal achievement which in turn leads to personal satisfaction and financial security, and all this leading to a happy life.

Career planning is a long process which involves deciding the occupation, working to achieve a job in that sector, continuously growing in the job and if one wishes, also changing one’s career. Since the first step in choosing one’s career is the most important one, it must be paid close attention and importance to.

When a person is confused about which way to go in his life or what to do next or what to do with his current job, career planning is a way to help him out.

Steps in Career Planning Process

Career planning includes all the decisions one makes and the activities one does, to proceed towards their career goals. Career planning process is a long step by step process.

The first step: Self Assessment

Since it is your career, the foremost thing is to know what you want. You need to assess yourself and find out what is it that is of your interest, and you think you can do well in. if you think this particular career is the one for me, you need to collect as much information possible about it and analyze your lifestyle, characteristics, aptitude and ability and find out if they are in sync with the career you have chosen for yourself or not.

The second step: Set your goals

Set a standard for yourself, which you know you can work hard and achieve. While doing this, keep in mind your academic qualifications, your priorities, and your expectations from life. Once you have your goal set, work dedicatedly towards achieving it.

The third step: Academic/Career options

After knowing your goals, decide the stream of study.

One must remain an opportunist looking out for the best one can get in the careers one has planned for.

After planning comes career management plan which must include developing your goals and standards and a strategy to accomplish your goals. Then one must develop the plan to work on and thus make progress in one’s career.

Advice on Career Planning

Along with a plan one must get advice on career planning.

One should not waste too much time on career planning sessions, as they will give you an insight of the path you must work on, but only you have to decide what to do finally.

NEVER let anyone judge your likes and dislikes. It is your career. You need to choose it wisely and should not think if everyone is doing this, it will be right for you as well.

Take criticism in a constructive manner.

Seek professional help if needed.