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Education Consultants

The students of this era are very concerned and choosy when it comes to their career. They are always keen to get all the relevant information regarding the institution, college or university, the types of education programs offered, fee structure of these programs, and many other things. With the boom of studying abroad, it is not a farfetched dream to take admission in some another country. For such students, education consulting is an easy help.

An educational consultant is a combination of educational, vocational and school counselor. An independent consultant is self employed who helps parents as well as students along with the organizations with educational planning.The requirement of educational consultants have increased like anything due to the advancement and increase in the number of subject, courses and fields that are offered today.

Educational Consultants in India

The government of India realized the requirement for educational consultants in the country, so in the year 1981 it established the Education Consultants India Limited (Ed. CIL).

It was set up with the aim to provide help and correct guidance for the potential students who want to take admission in different fields in India as well as abroad.

In order to help the students get admission in the university or colleges of their choice, many private education consultant agencies have been set up since then.

Services offered by Education Consultants
  • Assisting students with college planning and admissions.
  • Students are given proper help and are trained to face GD’s, campus interviews, and personal interviews.
  • Helping students who are learning disabled or have behavioral/emotional difficulties.
  • Providing advising services for college students seeking admission to graduate school.
  • Offer pro bono services to students coming from low income families.
  • Assisting high schools and other organizations with educational program planning.
  • Also offers guidance regarding overseas education. They share tricks with students as to how these global tests must be cracked.

List of Education Consultants in India

There are numerous educational consultants in India who have their branches spread out all over the country and cover all major regions and cities. They can help in suitable academic decisions.

  • Access Education
  • Apple Education Service
  • Baasu Consultants
  • Eduvistas Consultants
  • Zen Global Education
  • International Foundation for Studies and Culture
  • Interface Educational Services India (Pvt) Ltd
  • Institute of Personality and Aptitude Testing
  • Mind Movers Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Students who want to hire an educational consultant should carefully assess the qualifications and experience of individual consultants. Membership in one or more of the professional organizations may also indicate a consultant's dedication to professionalism. The students should get take information about the