Education  Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams

For admission to all Governmental education institutes, both technical and non-technical, one is bound to qualify entrance examinations undertaken by legitimate authorities. These most pertinent and popular entrance exams or tests are in the fields of engineering, medical, law, business management, etc. For example, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) undertakes Engineering Entrance Exams at different levels to provide world-class technical and engineering education through its 1,346 engineering colleges set up all over the country. Similarly, the Medical Council of India (MCI) offers a rather wide variety of courses including MBBS, MDS, MS, BDS, MD, and various other degree, diploma, graduate, and post-graduate courses in medical science and technology sector, to all the candidates who qualify the Medical Entrance Tests conducted by it for different levels. So, it is the situation with fields like law and business management. These all types of entrance exams are conducted every year for admission to the specified institute.

Entrance exams of greatest importance are :

  • Engineering Entrance Exams
  • Medical Entrance Exams
  • Common admission Test(CAT)
  • MBA Entrance Exams
  • Law Entrance Exams
  • MCA Entrance Exams
  • JNU Entrance Exam
  • MAT Entrance Exam
  • IGNOU Entrance Test
  • JMET Entrance Test
  • Pharmacy Entrance Exams
  • WBJEE Exams
  • Planning Entrance Exams
  • Fashion Design Entrance Exams
  • College Entrance Exams

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Entrance exams 2011

Here, you can find up-to-date information about all types of entrance exams in India conducted every year. Keeping in touch with us will enable you to be abreast of all current affairs and recent modifications made in the patterns or procedures, regarding any types of entrance exams. Presently information about entrance exams concerning all the above mentioned fields in the year 2011 is given.