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Health Education

A sound health forms the foundation for brilliant achievements, stress-free and peaceful living, and a happy long life. Therefore, keeping proper care of health is of vital importance for every individual of any society.

Health Education is the education given to people about maintaining a good and sustainable health in their existing conditions of living and working, by following some principles, sets of knowledge, and instructions connected with their conducts and social behavior. The health education encompasses better conditions and health of an individual, surroundings, and society.

Health education deals with issues like physical health, hygiene, mental health, nutrition & wellness, family health, drugs & diseases prevention, sex education, ethical conducts & behavior, environmental health, and prevention of all types of pollutions. It is the individual and collective responsibility of every individual, organization, State, and the Union Government of a country to promote, maintain, and restore good health of their people, through taking all possible measures necessary.

Health Education in India

Health education is well-known to India, but there is necessity of visionary planning and rigorous implementations of all unanimously approved plans. For providing India highly effective and sustainable health education and thus, keeping up good public health all State and Union Governments, academic institutions, public & private organizations, NGOs, and sectors of Mass Media, must work in close cooperation, harmony, and collaboration.

The need of health education is greater in most of the rural areas of India. Along with the rigorous implementation of poverty alleviation and education programs, health education programs should also be made in the rural areas, in order to spread health awareness and promote good health.

Health Education Careers

The requirement of necessary health education is everywhere, whether it is a family, an organization or institution of any sector, or any society. The role of a competent health educator is great everywhere, starting from within a family to schools and colleges, and then, to all private and public organizations.

There is always a surplus vacancy for health education specialists, health education promoters, public health educators, community health educators, community healthcare workers, school health educators, and many more, in diverse clinics and hospitals, governmental health agencies, in schools & colleges, voluntary health organizations, health consultant agencies, etc. Thus, health education careers are bright and well-paying.

A health educator is essentially responsible for giving information and instructions about health, hygiene, nutrition & wellness, physical and mental health; preventing disabilities and diseases; planning, implementing, and then, evaluating health education programs; promoting environmental and occupational health; act as a potential resource for health education; and so on.