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History of Education in India

India has a prosperous and interesting history regarding education and it is also believed that education was passed on by orally and also provides scholars in antique times. According to history of education in India, there was also distributed the written literature and temples and community centers play the responsibility of schools. In former times, the system of education came named as “Gurukul”. The Indian women were also provided the same right to get education and teaching. The Brahmins persons only gives education to students mainly Kshatriyas at the Gurukul. The students belongs to lower cast have not right to learning and they used to learn family business from their father.

Nalanda University is considered as one of the oldest universities that were biggest learning center and it was not just provide education in India but also entire South Asia. The students from various countries such as China, Korea, Japan used to come here for obtain higher education. The history of education gives information that the university had approximate ten thousands students and teachers. There was possibly six colleges existed under this university such as Takshila that specialized for medicine, Ujjain for astronomy and many more. The Nalanda University was became the greatest study center that manage all branches of study. British Education India

During the rule of British in India, the temple, mosque and village was main region for education as schools. There was some subject taught as reading, writing, theory, arithmetic, law, astronomy, medical sciences, and ethics and also taught religion. The students from all classes of culture were attended schools for obtain study. In that time, British education India provide psychological training to person of best layer within Indian society and also teach subject according to British models. There was deviously encouraged in the values and beliefs in Indian society due to English educated layer. The people can also find the answer about what is education and also get related information.

Apart from this, there was some people fight and changed education system in India. Before this consequence, the education was motivated by British administrative and also needs of financial. They were wanted to spread the British culture in the world. Today, India has become center of attraction in the field of education and sharing education with various countries. There are lots of big university and colleges under the Indian government and also under the private hand that provide education at the level of world. The students from several countries used to come here for obtain education.