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Women's Education

Women are about half of the population of the world. Masculine dogma made women to suffer and equal opportunities were not offered to women in the several parts of the world. The development of feminine ideas have helped a lot and improved the condition of women across the world recently. The feminine ideas have given much importance to women education. Women education has helped a lot to women to know their rights. Women education helps a country to rise fast. Now, women have entered into every field and they are walking with men.

Women Education in India

In the Vedic Yuga, women had right to get education. But slowly-slowly, they lost their right to get education. The arrival of the British helped in revival of women education in India. During the British period, a large number of social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar gave emphasis on women education in India. Some other leaders like Jyotiba Phuley, Bhimrao Ambedkar held various programs to make education accessible to every woman of India. After the independence, the government of India has taken a lot of measures to offer education to all women of India. As a consequence, the literary rate of Indian women has increased and rising up. Only 22% of Indian women were literate in 1971 and 54.16 % women were literate in 2001. The women literacy rate increased more than double in 2001 as compared to the women literacy percent of 1971. Now, women have entered into every field and earned name for themselves except women of some areas of the country.

Importance of Women Education in India

Women education in India plays a pivotal role in the development of country. It has helped in the development of half of population as well as the living standard of family at home and outside. Educated women support women education and give better education to their children. Educated women help in reducing the mortality rate of infant in India. Educated women handle their family in a better way than illiterate women. So, we shouldn’t forget the importance of women education in India.