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Management Education

India witnessed a sea change in its educational system with the fast developing world. The concept of globalization entirely changed the way education was imparted traditionally and in place now is a system that is not only more efficient having a professional approach but also according to the needs of the modern times; but also introduced new age courses which have more economic value in today's' time for MNC across the globe.

Management Education in India

Management education program in India which is not new is one among those which got a new dimension with this changing time. The Andhra University was the first to start a full time management program at time which dates back to 1957. The All India Institute of Management and Social Welfare, Kolkata and Delhi University seeing the demand and the importance that management study caries started in 1958 with the courses. It was in 1960 when the foundation of the first Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad is laid. India has witnessed a gradual growth in this sphere of education from that time hence.

Management Education Programs in India

Most of the management education in India is in the form of Master of Business Administration, popularly known as MBA and in Post Graduate Diploma in Management or Post graduate Diploma in Business Management. All these courses are outlined according to the global needs and they are available in modes such as fulltime, part time, distant or online thereby attracting more people as they have a large number of choices to go for. Presently there are many management colleges existing in India and many among them like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are counted among the best of the world with their standard of teaching maintained. India's entry in the globalization process also acted like a catalyst in this management education boom in India. Because of the increasing number of global and Indian multinationals, management graduates that are well trained are in demand and this demand is again in its turn generating the interest of more students every day. A decent number of private management colleges along with government aided management colleges came into the existence in last decade only seeing the rise in demand. Not only IIMs' some of the private Business Schools are also among the Top Business Schools of the world too. Management colleges like Jamnalal Bajaj Inst. of Mgmt. (Mumbai), MDI (Gurgaon), FMS (New Delhi), IISWBM (Calcutta) or MICA (Ahmadabad) are well known management colleges across Asia pacific for the quality of teaching they offer. Top Business Schools are providing a wide range of courses in the business field and admission in these colleges are based on the scores in different management entrances like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP and ATMA.

Although, management education is not very old, it initially started to enhance the knowledge and abilities of working executives. Later the need to develop management graduates was realized and the government decided to set up management institutions all over the country matching global standards. A variety of management education courses are available these days and an individual can select a specialization subject of his choice. A management degree has become must for graduates seeking a career in corporate world.