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MBA Distance Education

Some years ago, we have only one option to get education. We were totally dependent on campus based educational institutes for getting higher education. But now we have many options to continue our study. Higher education is now offered through correspondence and online. Distance education has made easier to get higher education degree. We can earn certificate, diploma, and degree in various subjects through distance learning. Now professional courses like MBA, MCA are offered through distance education.

MBA distance education has open door to many people who are unable to attend regular MBA courses due to various reasons. MBA distance education offers a large number of advantages. The learners enrolled into MBA distance education have flexibility to complete the course at their convenience and pace. It saves the time because the learners of MBA distance education don’t need to go anywhere for completing the course. They can complete the course by sitting at home and studying the study materials sent by the institute. The cost of distance learning MBA courses is lower than the regular MBA courses. MBA distance education has the same value in the job market as the regular has.

MBA Distance Education in India

A large number of institutes are offering distance education in India. The eligibility criteria for distance learning MBA courses may differ from one institute to another. The minimum educational qualification for distance learning MBA courses is a bachelor degree in any subject from a recognized university. Some of distance learning MBA universities may ask you for appearing at an entrance test and may ask for some years of work experience. As for example, if you are going to opt for distance learning courses from IGNOU you will have to appear at OPENMAT.

There are several institutes or universities offering MBA distance education. Correspondence MBA schools are IIMs at Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kozikode & Lucknow, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Sikkim Manipal, ICFAI University, IMT, Ghaziabad, Karnataka State Open University, Indian Institute of Finance and many others. Indian Institute of Management (Ahmadabad), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Delhi), and Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) are regarded as premier online MBA schools in India.

Distance Learning MBA Courses

  • MBA (Foreign Trade)
  • MBA (Finance)
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • MBA (HRD)
  • MBA (Pharma Marketing)
  • MBA (Tourism)
  • MBA (Software Marketing)
  • MBA (Hospital Management)
  • MBA (Hospital Management)
  • MBA (Banking)
  • MBA (IT)
  • MBA (Operations Management)
  • MBA (Services Marketing)
  • MBA (Hospitality management)