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Preschools in India

Preschools play vital, exclusive, and great role in the first and essential education of the child; and lay foundations for its independence, self-confidence, social interaction, team work, and love for learning and school education. Also known as Play Schools or Pre-Nursery Schools, Preschools have now emerged as the first necessary schools for the toddlers and kids, for their fundamental learning and early childhood education, especially in the big cities of India, where there are myriads of nuclear families with parents working. Owing to these reasons, the number of play schools, pre-nursery schools, or preschools in every major cities of India, has been growing exponentially in the recent years, and the existing ones have been expanding their capacities and better capabilities constantly.

A preschool is the very first educational institution for the child, after its family and home. Therefore, the management of the preschools must provide the child all necessary and proper affection, care, concern, instructions, and teachings, in a kind and considerate manner, and with an approach mature and mellow. The kids must find due attention, comfort, and congenial surroundings in the preschools, in order to learn faster the basic activities of self-dependence, and maintaining interpersonal relationship, along with playing and learning the well-devised curriculum of preschools freely, easily, and happily. These ultimate facts regarding the preschools help the parents and guardians in the best selection of play schools or pre-nursery schools for their tender, ingenuous, and innocent kids.

Benefits of Play Schools in India

The following are the most prominent and exclusive benefits of the preschools or play schools, which convince the parents to admit their kids to these schools of early childhood education:

  • Preschools not only facilitate proper looking-after of the child, but also enable it to combat the separation anxiety, and learn the basic necessary things faster in interaction with children of its age group.
  • Preschools help the kids to develop the basic qualities of self-help and self-dependence like dressing up, eating food themselves easily, and keeping up cleanliness.
  • Exposure to social life and regular interaction with other children at preschools facilitates the kids to develop language skills and vocabulary faster.
  • Constant social interactions with other children, along with the guidance of maids and teachers, assist the kids to learn the basic social etiquettes like sharing of food items and toys, exchanging feelings and greetings, maintaining sweet relationship, respecting others and seniors, etc.
  • Preschools make children self-dependent for their basic activities, and more confident psychologically, and thus, fit for going to the nursery or higher schools.
  • Preschools inspire love for learning and education in the children, and mould them into a usual school routine, and hence, prepare the kids for easy and proper education at higher schools.

List of Preschools in India

There are numerous well-established preschools in the small and big cities of all across India. Some of these preschools are widely prominent and hugely popular among the people of India, owing to their well-devised, easy, a lenient school curriculum; appropriately suitable spaces and facilities; easy learning environment and congenial atmosphere; kind and mellow teachers; experienced and compassionate maids; meticulous attention to kids, hygiene, and all-round safety; reasonable fees; and consistent good performance.

The following are the most famous, hugely popular, and top preschools of Delhi. Admissions to these eminent preschools are made throughout the year, for kids over 1.5 years. However, a large number of parents prefer to take admission at the commencement of the academic year.

  • The Magic Years Montessori House of Children, Vasant Vihar
  • Step by Step, Panchsheel
  • Shishuvan, Vasant Kunj
  • Kangaroo Kids, GK & Vasant Kunj
  • EuroKids, Dwarka & Mayur Vihar
  • Shemrock Heritage, Rohini
  • Kidzee, Nirman Vihar
  • Roots to Wings, Pitampura
  • Mother’s Pride, Punjabi Bagh
  • Bachpan Play School, Pitampura
  • ABC Nursery School, Vasant Kunj