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Public Schools in India

School education, both at primary and secondary levels comes under the mandatory and compulsory education. There is an ever-growing number of good and high quality public Schools well-established in all over India, that provides world-class school education to the future generation of the country. These Primary public schools, and Secondary and Higher Secondary public are run and controlled by the States or are funded by them. Today, there are numerous public schools in all across the country with well-devised syllabi and well-rounded curriculum to cater excellently to and keep up with the ever-refining school education standards at par with the International levels. Their main objectives are:

  • To bring about improvements in the field of academics;
  • The system must be strong enough to face the challenges in this field;
  • Expectations regarding academic excellence must be high but realistic.
  • Creation of such an environment where education is fostered;
  • Focus should be more on learning with a practical approach rather than concentration on theoretical concepts;
  • Students are encouraged to learn in a different and play way so that the concepts are clear to them;
  • A habit of reading and gaining knowledge is inculcated in them;
  • The students are prepared to face the cut throat competition in global job scenario.
  • Skills and abilities of students are enhanced so that they can make a career in vocational fields;
  • Since future is going to be in their hands, necessary knowledge and attitudes must be imparted to them.

The demand of the day is to prepare students who are well qualified, well educated, efficient and productive. At the same time they should possess moral values. The task of public schools in India is to fulfill these demands and nurture the future assets of the country.

Prominent and Reputed Public Schools in India

Divided into three categories, best public schools in India are:

  • Primary level school,
  • Middle school and
  • High School

These schools take extra special care of kids and ensure that an overall development is gained by them instead of bookish knowledge. They are trained to comprehend complex things, analyze them and find out suitable solutions to them. These days the education concept has undergone a massive change. Gone are the days when course completion from books was sufficient, now students are encouraged to look beyond and find out the answers themselves. Best public schools in India are managing to carry out this new concept.

Top schools have established district schools in India. Most of the cities offer good schools with quality education. The motto of these schools is to provide knowledge and education in such a way so that a student’s undergoes an all round development.

The list of public schools in India includes St. John’s Boarding School, Abhyasa Residential Public School, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, etc. These are very famous as well as good standard public schools in India. They strive to offer a wholesome education to their students.

There is still lot of work to be done by the government and private organization hand in hand to have a real actual impact of people and the society for a better future of kids and India on a larger scale. The private organization need to rethink as it’s the case in all the western countries to help build people from the very basic level to help him contribute later in his life.