Education  Scholarships


In India, a variety of scholarships are available and for all levels like graduate, post graduate, doctoral, etc. The scholarships are meant for those candidates who are very bright but at the same time needy. It is given to them so that such meritorious students do not discontinue their education because of financial constraints.

Scholarships in India

Scholarships in India are now one of the driving forces to its development. Everywhere in India, the cost of studying professional courses in private colleges like engineering, medical education is quite expensive and difficult for people to afford, this is where comes the need of a good system to evaluate students on basis of their performance and provide the selected needy with scholarships. Several reputed engineering and medical Colleges in India have got higher fee structure also because of the vast number of students applying for the limited seats available. The pocket burning fees structure is fixed because many colleges are unaided. Hence, for pursuing B.Tech, the average cost goes up to four to six lakhs rupees, which is a huge figure for many students in India. Scholarships in India are given based on details and data about students having good career and who are in real need of funding.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Scholarship Application Procedure is also very simple. There is different kind of Scholarships available for various merits of students, mentioned below are some of the categories:

Merit scholarships: Full / partial fund is provided by some of the prestigious scholarships that take care of the educational needs of the candidate. Merit is the first and foremost criteria, which should be reflected in either examination meant to test qualification or in any exam taken in the previous year in case the scholarship is meant for an in-course fellowship. These exams are highly competitive and the most looked for scholarship.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarships: This type of scholarships is quite common and hence sought after by many candidates. They cover many students; while giving out these scholarships, certain factors are taken into consideration such as recipient’s financial conditions, their academic record, etc. These scholarships really strive to help the actual needy students.

Earn-while-you-learn Scholarships: These scholarships require 15-20 hours of work. This work can be in the form of giving tuitions to junior students, offering assistance in research, etc. Such types of programs are offered by very few institutions in the country. It’s not much in practice in India but in all foreign university it’s mandatory for all students to have some source of income to support their daily needs.

Merit awards: Students get these rare awards for a particular subject or a project.

The above mentioned categories cover most of the students but private run organization also keep a reality check to help the ones who are not covered by the government which adds to the effort and encourages students to pursue their dreams. Meritorious students are able to finish their studies and fulfill their dreams due to these scholarships.