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Study Abroad

Studying abroad has always been a matter of pride, high status, and magnificence. If you are brilliant, receptive and congenial to new things, and of course, resourceful, you can very optimistically think of going abroad for higher studies. However, grants, fellowships, scholarships, and various other financial aids offered by colleges and universities, also enable intelligent and ambitious students and scholars for study abroad, even if they are not resourceful or well-connected. Thus, study abroad programs have now become quite achievable.

For study abroad students and scholars of India have a wide range of options in the countries of USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, and many other countries. Again, study in Europe is higher cherished and is a dream for numerous students and scholars of the world over. The most famous countries for studying abroad in Europe are UK, France, Germany, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. Colleges and Universities of all the above mentioned countries abroad offer study abroad programs in a variety of formats, and various types of financial assistances based on the merit and performance of the students and scholars. College study abroad programs or university study abroad programs in Europe attract numerous students and scholars from every corner of the world.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs in Europe or in various other countries are available in a variety of formats, and are conceived to cater to different education needs and goals. Top study programs in Europe, or in other countries abroad, include academic year and semester programs, full degree programs, summer programs, intersession programs, graduate programs, intensive language programs, and internship programs, teach abroad programs, and many more study abroad programs.

Scholarships Abroad

There are various types of scholarships abroad provided by colleges, educational institutions, universities, or government of the above mentioned countries. These grants, fellowships, scholarships, and various other financial aids offered by colleges and universities abroad, given on the basis of merit, distinction, and consistent good performance, and for educational, professional, and research developments of the concerned students and scholars. Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships and Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships are most prestigious scholarships granted in Australia. The most respected scholarships offered in the USA are Marshall Scholarships, Miss America Scholarship, and the AFLSE Scholarships. While the most famous scholarships abroad in United Kingdom are the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, The Royal Society Fellowships, Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, and Churchill Scholarships.