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Job Jobs By Categories Accounting Jobs in India

Accounting Jobs in India

The accounting jobs are part and parcel of any institution, company, and organization. Without these accounting jobs of a variety, any of these entities cannot run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably even a single day. In context of commercial and financial dealings and transactions, the importance of these accounting jobs is certainly the maximum. These accounting jobs are essential for strict and proper compliance to all legal and Governmental rules and regulations related with the Taxation, Revenue, etc. Thus, the scope and importance of these accounting jobs, are enormous and fathomless, and grow proportionately with the growth of all financial transactions and incomes of a company, organization, or an economy. India is one of the major and fast-paced economies of the world, and therefore, there are vast and varied accounting jobs in india available in its large Governmental and Private Sectors.

The ambit of the accounting jobs in india covers the areas of proper and scrupulous accounting of all monetary transactions; auditing; taxation; tax planning and consultancy; insurance; finance and investment counsel; corporate advisory services; and all other services dealing with the incomes and expenditures by the entity. Steady development and growth in businesses of almost all sectors, have been creating greater number of diversified accounting jobs in india, and the requirement for more talented and experienced professionals of accounting field. Ever-increasing competition in national and international businesses has further aggravated the necessity manifold. Thus, there is a real booming and promising time for all Indian and International accounting professionals for harvesting highly lucrative accounting jobs in india. Moreover, numerous online accounting jobs in india are also easily obtainable from the institutions, companies, business and commercial enterprises, and large corporations.

Top Accounting Firm in India

The Government of India has established some censorious and scrutinizing organizations in the accountancy to recognize, certify, regulate, and refine the accounting practices in the ever expanding and refining economy of India. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), is the supreme organization of India for setting standards and granting certificates to the qualifying chartered accountants of all over the country. The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) is another premier organization of the accounts and commerce sector, for providing specialization to accounts professionals in the cost and management accountancy. The accounting trainings and certifications to the Certified Public Accountants are offered by the National Institute of Certified Public Accountants (NICPA).

In the Private Sector, the most famous, prestigious, and popular accounting firms in India, are the following:

  • Jiya and Associates
  • Ernest Young
  • Singh Agarwal & Associates
  • Chatrath Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Prudent Polyconsultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Paul & Martin Consulting Group
  • Innosolv Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Accountant Career Growth in India

The career of a qualified accountant is evergreen, ever enriching, and quite prosperous, especially in a country like India. Every large and major sector, especially the Commercial and Corporate sector of India, is fast growing employing new technologies and implementing global standards for better management, efficiency, and profitability. These desperately need services of well-experienced and competent accounts professionals (listed below) for achieving these vital objectives. Every other day there are entering many new national and multinational companies into the business arena in these sectors of India. Such scenario offers wide and rich prospects for progress and growth of career to the chartered accountants and accountants in general. The most common and well-paid accounting jobs india in these sectors are:

  • Accountants / Chartered Accountants
  • Manager – Accounts & Finance
  • Director – Tax and Customs
  • Manager – Corporate Accounting
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance / Accounts Executive
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Finance and Investment Consultant