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Advice for Career

The freshly passed out graduates have a tendency to follow the oft beaten path as shown by the traditional careers advice. This advice is usually too one-dimensional or generic to apply to all individuals. Students and even experience professionals looking for career changes could take various psychological tests that serve as Career Assistance Tool to indicate and elaborate what one is good at. Free career advice is widely available on the net, but all that should be used wisely so that the innate interests of the candidate does not get obscured or ignored while listening to others.

Expert Suggestions

Career development experts, also providing online career advice point out that the disadvantages of frequent changes in jobs. This behavior could be read as indicative of poor career choices or that the individual is difficult to work with. However, when fresh in the industry one could indulge in job hopping since at this stage one could be experimenting with different roles to figure out one’s strengths and interests. In such a case, the candidate must make sure to make the employer aware of one’s choices, and explain how what was learned will benefit the employer.

Experts believe that taking a low-skilled or temporary job will trap a candidate into something that she or he may soon feel like giving up. One might have chosen the job as a compromise, but very soon the person would feel dissatisfied with it. This also takes away town’s productivity, reduces motivation levels and makes the individual extremely frustrated. After a short period all learning is done and the individual see no scope for growth. The monetary aspect also beats down the worker. Achieving is an important part of every worker’s job profile. It is through them that he or she gets recognition at the workplace and promotions are based on the same. Hence, while taking up a job, one should always consider that the job should be such which would keep the person motivated on a long period basis. Being motivated surely keeps one’s job productivity and achievements high.

While looking for work is a full-time job, one should have a great amount of zeal, energy and patience. An important advice for career seekers are that while they are in job hunts they should ensure that it is not creating gaps on your CV. A long gap reflects the lack of desirability as a candidate. If some gaps are inevitable, advice for career finders is that they spend time on CV-building activities such as studying courses, voluntary or part-time projects, which go on to show interests in activities to sharpen skills. All this could be done while candidates are actively involved in job search. Much of career advice is available on the internet through free online career advice.

Job experts, many of whom run career blogs and give free career advice are of the opinion that 'Paper' CVs are history. Almost all organizations prefer electronic or soft copes of CV sent through emails. These people also give some very effective tips on making the CV. The good CV holds a great deal of importance in fetching one a job. There are CV Consultants too, in the market who guides the job seekers on making their CV; some also make the entire CV as per the candidates needs. The rise in use of social networks such as Linked In (and applications like the "Apply with Linked in Profile") has given a new dimension to the employees for their search for good candidates. So, those who give free career advice emphasize on making a good LI profile before job application.

Assistance Tools for choosing the right Career

People who are confused about career decisions due to lack of self knowledge could well benefit from hiring a career counselor who would administer an assortment of tests from self assessment tests inventories. The tests are conducted in a friendly manner, whereby a brief is given by the expert on the different types of tools you may encounter. The results of the test along with their implications are discussed out of which the person would attain some self-discovery for considerations when pursuing a career change. There are several self assessment online tests available for the purposes of self-assessment. However, one must make sure that the test one opts to go for is standardized. Non-standardized tests may lack objective and comprehensive self-assessment. The standardized test are devised by experts and verified by the concerned authorities in the field.

The chief tests for self assessment to know the values include Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV), Minnesota Importance Questionnaire (MIQ) and Temperament and Values Inventory. Strong Interest Inventory (SII), formerly known as the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory is also commonly used by the experts. However, the most famous of all the tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which seeks to give a complete picture of a person’s value system by disclosing the traits possessed.