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Career Development

It is necessary to advance ones career in advance so that one has a road map on how to move ahead. Career development is the process that implemented after having done self-assessment has launched her or him into a career. It entails a plan or a blueprint which spells out strategies or action-plans in order to achieve one’s short-term and long-term career goals. The career planning precedes a good understanding of what is career development exactly means to the individual and how well the understanding stands in sync with the market or industry realities. There should be a scope for flexibility so that when necessary the changes can be made as per ones changing needs or circumstances.

Initiatives for Career Development

Many firms have models that can be used by candidates as a part of their career development initiatives. Individualized Career Plan Models - Eric Digest No. 71(ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult Career and Vocational Education) state that Personal plans of action i.e. individualized career development plans are becoming a necessity to meet up with the challenges and needs emerging out of the fast paced and constantly fluid society. These serve as the necessary instruments to plan on how to meet goals, interests and actions. It states, that one could develop one’s own career plans instead of going in for professional services for the same. A career counselor helps a job seeker or career person in identification of goals and helping in finding strategies to reach them. However, one’s conditions are fluid in nature, hence an action plan should be subjected to amend over time as one’s goals could change and so with priorities as ones career grows.

Career development courses could be considered by those who wish to enhance their job skills or acquire new ones as per one’s career needs. These courses are short-terms and if done from the right place, give the learner a great deal of benefit in her or his career by sharpening up the arsenal of knowledge and skills in fast changing industries.

The Need for Effective Plans for Career Development

The Short Term and Long Term Career Occupational Goals should be sorted out by a person so that he or she knows exactly how to go about with work for in the future course. One could even use increments of one or two years in this five year plan as well. This breakdown makes things simpler to follow and hence the plan could be better executed. The goals for education and training in career development plans should not be ignored. The occupational goals and educational goals must match with each other so that one’s increasing knowledge and growth in skills is implemented fruitfully at work person should be well aware of the barriers to reaching the goals, while planning or charting out ones career development plans. While steering towards ones career goals, you may face some barriers. If you wish to pursue your goals, you will have to successfully knock out the barriers or find solutions to take care of them. One could list out all the possible barriers which one is confronted with or anticipates and then find a solution to them.