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Employment Agencies

An Employment agency refers to a set of people who are engaged in the business of helping individuals find jobs and vice versa offering organizations with right candidates to fill up their vacancies. These services given by the agency are usually paid for. In other cases, the services of the employment agencies are paid by the employer. In most cases, one can find adequate help from online employment agencies too, which often provide free services and it is recommended that candidates could well avail them instead of paid services.

Best Employment Agencies

The recruiting agencies’ main job is to source out CVs from the job applicants, screen and categorize them, send them to relevant organizations and be a communication bridge between the applicant and the job providers. They earn sometimes from both ends and usually from either. There are various types of agencies in the job recruitment market and their type can be classified according to the style of their functioning. For the matters of convenience, agencies of recruitment can be categorized into four types - Traditional agency, Niche recruiters, Headhunters and In-house recruitment

Types of recruitment agencies

The main characteristic of traditional agencies is that they act as a link between the applicant and job vacancy holders. Some work with the contingency approach so that they collect CVs in volume and send them to organizations periodically. On finding the desired candidate the recruitment bureau is paid by the organization. The CV of under the Contingency agencies is restricted to low or medium level jobs. On the contrary, the retained agency provides services for senior positions in the industry. On gaining the right candidate, the company pays the expenses of the firm and a cut in the form of a certain percentage from candidates’ salary. The Niche focuses on certain candidates and rotates them from organization to organization as and when the need arises. This requires them to have a continuous communication with the candidates and additionally with organizations where they might be recruited. They usually work on a high volume of CVs. The Headhunter agency is involved in searching for the best talents for a selected job type only. They are into filling higher level vacancies by adopting advanced techniques of search to accumulate client and employer contacts.

The In-house recruitment department works from within the organization to yield candidates for the vacancies arising from time to time. The task is under the HR Department, which advertises on the company’s website and works with external association or could also ask for coordinate employee referrals.

Working of Manpower Placements

Care should be taken while selecting recruitment bureaus since some fraud ones too exist on the net. The candidates should at first be completely convinced about the credibility or reputation of the firms. One should either go for the heard names or follow friends and acquaintances right experiences. No doubt that the firms give some valuable services, especially in times of fast changes and specializations of jobs in the economy, but in order to get the best, the candidates endeavors too is a must. The applicant must keep good terms with the agency folks as they are the ones who having good contacts in the industry will help them with good placements. Rigorous follow ups and courtesy calls for time to time should be made to obtain best results.