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Job Assistance

There are services of job assistance provided by professional career counselor employed by colleges. They often receive requests for assistance from such individuals who may not affiliated with the institution); given the immense demand for job search assistance. There is also a large repository of local and Internet resources that could be fruitfully availed which includes services of reputed career counselors in private practice. Contact Career Services is an option consider by many seeking job assistance program. For the college graduates it is advised that they first contact the career services office at their own alma mater(s). Several institutions have extensive plans at their disposal and could also offer lifetime career development services for alumni. On the other hand, services of others could be restricted, while still others offer services at extremely affordable fees. Most of the services can be gained from long-distance too.

Job Assistance Programs

One could also tap the services of career advisor network of the alumni who have volunteer to guide the students with career-related concerns and may also provide and advice on your job search.

Telephone appointments could be made with the career development cell at your alma mater(s) for exclusive help for resume reviews and advice sessions on job search strategies or providing valuable interview handling tips. Students might also discover that one’s alma mater(s) have job search assistance programs through agreements with other institutions in a given your geographic area, which lets the students or job searchers to access the services of the local college’s career services office. However, it might be possible that the access will be limited to non-password-protected job listings.

The job seekers could use different avenues in their Free Job Search Help. Students could visit the local public library to check out if they have job vacancies in their career research and job search collections. They might also offer job search workshops or run a job search club. There are also regional/local branches of professional associations for the field(s) of interest to an individual to tap their networking potential.

The job assistance online is also being increasingly used by students and other job seekers. There are a number of useful advices, great tips and job listing links. The useful best sites include:

  • Job Searching
  • The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet

The resources and services of state’s Department of Labor too are available for the benefit of all. One could find both online resources as well counselor options. The services of a Career Counselor too could be availed if one prefers actual career counseling, rather than collecting merely job search advice and resources.

The freshly passed out graduates have a tendency to follow the oft beaten path as shown by the traditional careers advice. This advice is usually too one-dimensional or generic to apply to all individuals. Students and even experience professionals looking for career changes could take various psychological tests that serve as Career Assistance Tool to indicate and elaborate what one is good at. Free career advice is widely available on the net, but all that should be used wisely so that the innate interests of the candidate does not get obscured or ignored while listening to others.