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Job Fairs

Job fair- also known as a career expo or fair, is basically an exposure of different employers and the job seekers under the same roof. Tables and booths are set up by various companies. Generally the nature of the crown is students or candidates from varies colleges and B-school who are seeking for a job. They submit their resumes to the companies they want to apply for. These job fairs are sponsored by many career centres and are conducted in a location convenient to the students to come and face their first interview.

Job Fair Behaviour

There are some behavioural patterns which a student should count before going to a job fair. Job fair behaviour is the most integral part of a career expo as this counts on how a student will be able to perform in their future interviews.

All information about the job fair should be collected before attending it. In this case the company websites can be referred to. You should know which companies are participating in the fair. Check if the job expo involves any registration fee. See if these recruiters match your career scope and interests. Do a little research about the companies attending the fair.

Remember, the main reason to go to a job expo is to understand and analyse what actually a recruiter is and how should you face him while going for any interview in future? Try to figure out what do an interviewer is expecting from you? Through these kinds of surveys you can make out the culture of different organisations. Rather than just submitting your resumes in the drop box, try to have a face-to-face interaction with the employer. This will help you gain confidence for your future interviews. Most of the companies in these global job fairs also participate in several on-campus recruitments. You can have knowledge about this from the respective company websites or at the job fair itself. As a result the companies here can screen your resume and call you for a follow up interview later from your school or college. Do not forget to take the contact details of every firm participating, before you leave the fair.

You may not have the time to attend and speak to all the employers present in the fair. So list out the ones you think can match your qualifications, needs and requirements. Accordingly give time to the respective firms.

Job Fair Tips

A brief note on the Dos and Don’ts are given below. You can follow these job fair tips to make your survey a successful one!

DO carry quite a number of your resumes when you go to the fair. Be well prepared with whatever you have written in your curriculum vitae. This makes it easier for the interviewer to take a quick glance at your resume. If you wish to go for more than one option depending on your career path, you may have to carry the other versions of your resume sufficiently as well.

DO prepare yourself for a 30-60 seconds short introduction when you meet an employer. It is very natural for the company representative to ask you some basic questions which sometimes decide the fate of your resume. Generally speaking, try to concentrate on some major points like about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your hobbies and interests.

DO take care of your attire. Before attending the job fair, be aware of the dress code allowed over there. There are expos which sometimes prefer business casual attire or may be formal interview dress. You can know this from the website or the fair sponsor.

DO take care of your manners. You should speak clearly. Do not come putting a chewing gum in your mouth. Try not to stink or smell especially if you had a smoke. You should look neat and tidy. Make a smarty eye contact and proper handshake. Remember "First impression is the last impression".

DO keep your options open for other employees as well. Don’t be bound by the list of employers you have planned to meet. If your time permits, meet others as well. You never know, that can make you think in a different angle which can also match your career scope.

Don’t ever make a mistake of assuming the person whom you are talking with is not a HR Manager. Some people may look young. Do not think that they are mere company representatives or sales executives. Behave properly with them. Don’t portray a negative attitude to them. Be polite.

Don’t think that your appearance will not matter. It is an essential part of an interview. Infact there are companies who prefer to take people with good and impressive faces. You should get a proper grooming done for yourself. Dress absolutely formal. Don’t just put on a casual top, miniskirt or a washed off jeans. This makes you look shabby.

Job fairs and expos happen all across the world. Let me introduce you to the list of global job fairs around the globe:

  • Alaska Teacher Placement Job Fair
  • Central Pennsylvania Fall Teacher Job Fair
  • Atlantic Education Job Fair
  • MAEE Education Job Fairs
  • Fairco Online
  • North Dakota Education Connection Job Fair
  • Queen’s University’s Overseas Recruiting Fair
  • Washington Job Fair

Some of the major Job Fairs in India:

  • Upper Crest Job Fair, Mumbai
  • Delhi Job Fair, Delhi
  • Mckinsey Exclusive Job Fair, Chennai
  • General Motors Exclusive Job Fair, Bangalore
  • Delhi Multi Industry Job Fair, Delhi
  • Upper Crest Job Fair, Pune
  • Jumbo Job Fair, Chennai
  • Kotak Exclusive Job Fair, Mumbai

As regards the freshers, there are job fairs creating opportunities for them. Some of them are Mega Job Fair, Andhra Pradesh, TMI Job Fair in Pune, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Jumbo Job Fair and many more.