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There are many openings for jobs in Canada from the skilled trades to college professor across the length and breadth of the country. For those trying to find jobs in Canada would well benefit to do an initial check out the top 10 jobs to discover the positions that are in demand across Canada. There are certain trades and professions that are booming and if the candidate has the required training and aptitude for one of these gigs she or he could well into making good money with a reasonably high job security.

Financial managers are high in demand as the finance sector is recording high growth rates in Canada.

Companies are in the need of money managers and the demand seems increasing as the private and government sectors are looking for people with sound knowledge and intelligent application skills to work through the complexities of financial management.

It is advised that if someone has knowledge of foreign finance or is fluent in a foreign language could earn very well in this sector and enjoy a potentially jet-set international career. It is suggested that those looking jobs in Canada for freshers could visit the international Financial Management Association's website at

Skilled tradesperson are in large demand in Canada. They could do office job, enjoy a salary that pays above the national average. There appears to be a shortage of trades people in the service (chefs, horticulturalists), construction (electricians, carpenters, and plumbers), transportation (aviation technicians, automotive service technicians) and manufacturing (industrial mechanics, tool and die makers) sectors. Hence, people in search for jobs in Canada have many opportunities to look forward to. Experts predict that in the next twenty years 40 per cent of new jobs would lie in the skilled trades and technologies. For more details one could look up the for information on training (including paid apprenticeships).

There are plenty for College or vocational school teacher, especially in community colleges and Quebec's CEGEPs, technical institutes and other vocational schools. The vacancies often outnumber the number of applicants and this phenomenon would be on rise especially with retirements expected over the years to come, plus increased government funding. It is advised by the career experts to go in for the discipline is new technology or the skilled trades for better job prospects. The online jobs in Canada could easily be found in large volume.

Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

In Canada the Service Sector is bustling with jobs as the number of vacancies are in growing order in restaurants, hotels and retail stores. This is an overwhelmingly large employment sector, employing more than 10,000,000 people! Many immigrants hit into this sector from different parts of the world, including India. Immigrants are also looking into joining some of the more recognized services like banking, wholesale, retail, transportation and warehousing, real estate and rental leasing, education, tourism, healthcare and social assistance.

The main jobs include work at TV reception, insurance broker and personnel placement agency employees. These are those services concentrated mostly to organizations, such as engineering and architecture.