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Jobs in Gulf

The Gulf is not only rich in Oil and Gas, but also in a variety of lucrative and lavish jobs with bright growth prospects. Starting from the years after the World War-II, The Gulf continues till now to remain one of the most hot and popular destinations of the world for rich and varied employment opportunities. A recent survey by HSBC Expat Explorer discovered that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the second most popular and beneficial country of the world for making migration to, after Singapore. The most famous, popular, promising, and profitable places for high-paying jobs in gulf region are - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Qatar, Riyadh, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, and many more.

The outstanding and most impressive features of jobs in gulf are - immense and dreamy employment opportunities in diverse sectors of economy; High Salary Packages; Better growth possibilities; Frequent Incentives, Bonuses, Fringe Benefits; Quick Job Promotions; Luxurious and Fabulous Facilities; and Low Taxation. These things together make the Gulf, the top and hot destination for cherished jobs and better pastures of life.

Most lucrative and lavish jobs in gulf are available in the fields of Oil and Gas, Information Technology (IT), Financial Services and Banking, Production and Manufacturing, Construction/Civil Engineering, Retail, Sales, Insurance, Education and Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Logistics, Accounts and Tax, and Management. The banking jobs in gulf have become highly profitable in recent times.

The basic graduation degree with a work-experience of several years is pre-requisite for an entry level job in any sector. Higher degrees, broader experiences, and refined expertise, find better and richer jobs in gulf. Lavish jobs in gulf are available for natives and International professionals in bulk quantities, and draw a great number of talented and experienced professionals and employees from every corner of the world every year. Proper work permit and valid visa are essential for all International employees for doing jobs in any gulf country.

IT Jobs in Gulf

The scope of IT jobs in gulf is extensive and constantly expanding. IT jobs in gulf countries are among the high and well-paid jobs, and offer employment opportunities to the following IT professionals and mangers:

  • Software Engineers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Programmers
  • Software Developers
  • MIS Senior Specialists
  • Application Engineers
  • Database Engineers
  • PMO Coordinators
  • System Analysts
  • Helpdesk Support Professionals
  • Manager - End User Computing

High Salary Job Sectors in Gulf

The most lucrative and promising job sectors in Gulf countries are - Oil and Gas, Information technology (IT), Banking, Insurance, Education, Sales, and Tele Communication. The destinations offering ample and most beneficial employment opportunities in these high-paying sectors are - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Oman, etc.

Saudi Arabia has been one of the most popular and preferable Gulf countries for high-paying and booming jobs in the Oil Industry, Education and Teaching, and in the Private sector, for a long time for talented and well-experienced professionals of these fields pertaining to all over the world. Apart from the Manufacturing and Industrial sector, Oman has been favorite destination for its fast developing Information Technology and Tele Communication sectors, for high salary packages and extensive growth prospects. The teaching jobs in gulf are also very gainful and prestigious.