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jobs in mumbai

The most populous city of the country, Mumbai (formerly called as Bombay) is well-known as the financial, commercial, and entertainment capital of India. Situated on the West Coast of India, Mumbai is a very beautiful city of the world (referred to as an Alpha world city) to live in, and do work or business which reaches out to national or global ranges. Again, Mumbai is the richest city of India in terms of the highest GDP amounting to over 6% of the national total.

This sixth most populous city in the entire world, Mumbai is among the top ten major centers in the world for global financial flows and capital transactions (about 70% of Indian economy), industrial outputs (approx. 25% of the national), national and foreign trade and commerce, maritime trade (70% of the Indian total), tax collections (33% of the total), employment (about 11% of India’s total), and entertainment. In addition to numerous industries of diverse sectors of economy and commerce, Mumbai offers home to many of India’s major financial institutions, corporate headquarters, a large number of Indian and Multinational companies and corporations a great many India’s Scientific and Nuclear institutes, and the Film Industry of India. Thus, on the whole, there are an enormous number of different jobs in mumbai for freshers as well as well-experienced professionals in these fields at varying levels of positions. Our present article is dedicated to all job seekers of India and abroad, for giving necessary information and guidance to them, so that they could find jobs in mumbai india without hassles and most profitably. For searching online jobs in mumbai, tips are also offered.

Mumbai Job Market

The job market of Mumbai is more extensive and varied than that of any other city of India. Employment jobs in mumbai constitute about 11% of the total employment of the country in all sectors. Its numerous industries alone account for nearly 20% of India’s total employment in organized industries of diverse sectors.

In the Private Sector, jobs in mumbai for freshers as well as experienced professionals, are available in the fields of - Finance; Information Technology (IT); Film Industry (Bollywood); Textiles; Petroleum Industry and Oil Refinery; Shipping; Export/Import; Engineering; Pharmaceuticals; Manufacturing and Production; Banking; Accounting and Taxation; Aviation; Transportation and Logistics; Call Center and BPO; Travel and Tourism; Catering and Hospitality; Sales & Marketing; Supply Chain Management; Medical and Healthcare; Advertising; Fashion; Modeling; Media and Entertainment; Automobiles; Metals; Bio-Technology; Security; Retail; Procurement and Purchasing; FMCG; Consultancy; Top Management and Executives; Secretarial and Administrative Staff; Nursing; Education and Teaching; Insurance; Law/Legal; Computer Hardware/Software; Plastics; Glassware; and many more fields.

Job Growth Rate in Mumbai

The number of jobs in most of the above-mentioned employment sectors of the economy of Mumbai has been growing steadily after the World War II. For a long period of time, the textile industries of Mumbai remained the major provider of jobs in mumbai to professionals and personnel of all across the country. Later on, the trading and commerce activities of various other sectors, and the business of export and import, drew attention and preference of majority of the businessmen, companies, and investors. Today, more than 40% of the total trades (related with products of diverse sectors) of the country, and about 70% maritime trading of India, are carried out by the Mumbai port. Majority of these employment sectors offer ample fresher jobs in mumbai at the entry level. A great many job websites on the internet have further enabled the job seekers find jobs in mumbai smoothly, as per their specific requirements.